Cover Reveal: Miracle Express – Week 4

Spying on Christmas

Leona Bushman

Release Date: November 26, 2019


Christmas is not always what it seems.

Melody hated Christmas. Ever since her parents died on Christmas Eve, nothing had ever been the same. She and her brother had been forced to live with their grandfather. Her brother, the now presumptive heir, received most of the attention as he learned about the holdings.

She had been given lessons on how to be a lady.

As if she wanted them. She would rather do anything else than be a lady with no rights. One night, at a soiree, someone had approached her to spy for them. Not giving her a choice, really. So, with great reluctance, she’d accepted the invite to her cousin’s Christmas house party.

Two weeks pretending to be happy about Christmas? Worse punishment ever for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then she met her prey—Kit Stuart the third. Her heart raced, and her body yearned for something she never wanted before.

Kit Stuart searched for a rebel spy said to be coming to the Christmas party of his best friend. Not hard to accept as ordered, but then he found the rebel spy, and his heart denied it. His body craved hers. How could he arrest and maybe kill the first woman to make him believe that maybe there was such a thing as Christmas miracles?

Then the real betrayal was revealed. Could they save their family and friends before it was too late?

About the Author:

Leona Bushman goes by many names but the most common one is superhero. She earned this name from saving a kangaroo from a tree—and yes that is as hard as it sounds. The dragons taught their queen how to write, and Queen Leona hasn’t looked back. Even when her muse tries to muck things up.

She can be found goofing off and loving dragons and other creatures of the supernatural at these places:

Twitter: @L_Bushman




Loving an American Spy

Katherine Bone

Release Date: November 26, 2019


William Collins never wanted to leave the comforts of Lilimar, his home. One day the plantation would be his, and he’d poured his heart and soul into making it thrive. War breaks out around the world, and it becomes clear that he has to do his part for his country. If he has any hope of living the life he dreamed of, he first has to find peace to do it. So he enlists as a gentleman spy and throws himself into danger without a second thought.

Victoria Grant is the daughter of a vicar. She has a strong sense of duty and trained as a nurse. When her country is thrown into war, she steps forward to join other nurses in tending to the wounded. She travels from camp to camp and helps where she is needed. On a train to France, she encounters an American gentleman, and an unlikely friendship forms between them.

William is taken with Victoria, but she has no idea he’s a spy, and he has to ensure his secret stays hidden. Along the way, they share letters and secret rendezvous. In a world torn apart by war, they find a love that may never have time to flourish…

About the Author:

SA TODAY Bestselling author, DAWN BROWER writes both historical and contemporary romance.There are always stories inside her head; she just never thought she could make them come to life. That creativity has finally found an outlet.

Growing up she was the only girl out of six children. She is a single mother of two teenage boys; there is never a dull moment in her life. Reading books is her favorite hobby and she loves all genres.

She can be found at these places:

Twitter: @dawnab33