New Release: To London, With Love by Dena Garson

Oh happy day!!! My newest steampunk romance is now out!

To London, With Love

By Dena Garson

Genre: Steampunk Romance

Release Date: Sept. 11, 2018


After her brother is nearly killed while bringing sensitive information to his superiors, Margaret “Maggie” Ingleton takes it upon herself to complete his mission. All she has to do is deliver a letter to London. How hard can it be? Little does she realize that she’ll be risking not only her life, but that of the only man she’s ever loved.

When Colin Stanbury makes a routine delivery to his home city he never expects to pick up a stowaway. Maggie has always been a heady mix of proper lady and imp so finding her aboard his airship can only mean trouble. Despite Maggie’s claim that she needs to go to London to help a friend in need, he suspects she’s up to something. Yet he can’t help playing the gallant hero to her damsel in distress.


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Colin jerked open the door to one cabinet and looked inside. It was relatively empty and there were no droppings or shredded material indicating mice had burrowed inside. He popped open the next compartment and searched. Still no sign of mice.

When he opened the third door, he fell back in surprise. “What the—”

“Now don’t be angry,” Margaret Ingleton pleaded from her hiding place.

“Don’t be angry?” He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her out of the closet with little finesse and probably more force than needed but he accomplished the task without hurting either of them. “I should take you over my knee right now for stowing away on my ship! What the deuces is wrong with you?” God she smelled good. How long had it been since he’d last seen her?

She shot him a look of annoyance as she straightened her skirt. A few locks of her blond hair had slipped lose. She pushed them back into place. Even after riding in a cramped cabinet she was still beautiful enough to make him ache.

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