Book Tour: Nothing But Trouble by Ashley Bostock

Nothing But Trouble
By: Ashley Bostock
Publication date: August 28th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Billionaire CEO Michael Vilander needed just one date. Creating a fake profile on his own matchmaking website may not have been his brightest move. But then Sophia Baldwin’s arresting face pops up on his CHAT NOW feature. Not only is she gorgeous, but after spending half the night exchanging messages with her, he finds her to be naive, innocent and way too sexy.

Twenty-four-year-old Sophia Baldwin is barely able to make ends meet. Caring for her sick grandmother prevents her from having a normal life—aspirations of attending college full-time to become a nurse are on the back burner—but then she meets the charming and dazzling Clint on an online dating site. When he asks her to the Denver Arts Foundation’s Annual Valentine’s Day Gala, she’s confident things are looking up.

Once Sophia learns that her hot date is none other than website mogul Michael Vilander, she’s definitely not mentioning her night job. What’s a lie by omission anyway? After all, it’s only one date…Until Michael’s ex flaunts her fancy engagement ring in Michael’s face and something compels Sophia to announce her and Michael’s engagement. AKA, fake engagement. They agree on one month to pretend they’re in love before all bets are off.

Pretending to be in love with a sweet and sexy billionaire, but not actually falling in love, ahem, how hard could it be?

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Enjoy this interview with Ashley:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Colorado. For the first time in my life, I moved out of the state to Nebraska (I know, right?) a little over a year ago. I have two daughters—Ruby and Bella—two dogs, Roxy and Bentley and a cat, Stella. I’m an animal lover through and through. I love to travel. I’ve been all over the world: Thailand, Japan, Vietnam (3 times), China, Turks & Caicos, Scotland, Iceland, England, Mexico, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Russia, Germany, Poland and I’ve hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu as well as a variety of the Caribbean islands. Next trip: Africa in September. One crazy thing is that I’ve lived in Colorado for forever, have I ever been to Mesa Verde? No! Weird how that’s so close to home and there’s so much of Colorado I haven’t explored.

How do you reward yourself for finishing a manuscript?

I don’t really do anything special. Just move on to the next book.

What was the inspiration for this book?

My inspiration came from attending business events with my husband. One event that stands out was in Washington D.C. and typically, the men and women attending these events are CEO’s. Seeing all the men in their suits was so inspiring! What woman wouldn’t love to bring one of these well put together men to their knees? So my inspiration began with men in suits, business men, CEO’s and eventually combining my desire to write about billionaires all into this series. It’s evolved a lot since I first got the idea from the event in D.C., but the underlying theme is still there.

What did you like most about your heroine?

What I like most about my heroine is that she is a natural caretaker—which is why she is striving toward becoming a nurse—and will do whatever is necessary to make her dreams come true. Along with having to take care of her grandmother. Her choice in a career is a touchy one, but she is willing to do what she needs in order to survive and succeed. And frankly, that’s my kind of girl!

What’s next for you?

Well, this series is a five book series. The second one, All Shook Up, comes out in October and then I plan to release the other three at the beginning of 2019. As for new books beyond this series, I’d like to write about a large family – like 8 siblings, centered around their family business. But I write what’s in my heart, so maybe that idea won’t be ready then or a new inspiration will take place!


Author Bio:

Ashley Bostock is a Colorado Native and currently lives in Nebraska, with daydreams of moving back home. All her books feature sexy-as-hell heroes and strong heroines. She loves reading any chance she gets – Jill Shalvis, M. O’Keefe, Rachel Gibson, Karen Robards and Jennifer Probst are some of her favorites! Ashley loves traveling – in a wanderlust’s eyes, she’s hardly touched the world but to those that rarely travel, she’s been everywhere. Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Turks & Caicos, Russia, China, Tahiti, Vietnam and Scotland, just to name a few.

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