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To Love a Duchess

All For Love Series

by Karen Ranney

About the Book

From New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Ranney comes the first book in a royally romantic and deeply emotional new series about taking risks and allowing the power to love satisfy the questions of the heart . . .

Undercover as a majordomo, spy Adam Drummond has infiltrated Marsley House with one purpose only—to plunder its mysteries and gather proof that the late Duke of Marsley was an unforgivable traitor to his country. At the same time, Adam is drawn to a more beguiling puzzle: the young and still-grieving duchess—a beauty with impenetrable secrets of her own. For Drummond, uncovering them without exposing his masquerade will require the most challenging and tender moves of his career.

That a servant can arouse such passion in her is too shocking for Suzanne Whitcomb, Duchess of Marsley, to consider. Yet nothing quickens her pulse like Drummond’s touch. It’s been two years since the duke lost his life in a tragic accident—and even longer since she’s been treated like a woman. But when Drummond’s real mission is revealed, and the truth behind Suzanne’s grief comes to light, every secret conspired to tear them apart is nothing compared to the love that can hold them together.


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Lightning flashed nearby, the strike followed by another shot of thunder. The glass shivered in the

mullioned panes. Maybe the duke’s ghost was annoyed that he was here in the library again.

The careening of the wind around this portion of Marsley House sounded almost like a warning.

Adam disregarded it as he glanced up to the third floor. He would have to be looking for a journal. That

was tantamount to searching for a piece of coal in a mine or a grain of sand on the beach.

This assignment had been difficult from the beginning. He’d been tasked to find evidence of the duke’s

treason. While he believed the man to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, finding the

proof had been time consuming and unsuccessful to this point. He wasn’t going to give up, however. This was more than an assignment for him. It was personal. One of the double doors opened, startling him.

“Sir?” Daniel, the newest footman, stood there. The lad was tall, as were all of the young men hired at Marsley House. His shock of red hair was accompanied by a splattering of freckles across his face, almost as if God had wielded a can of paint and tripped when approaching Daniel. His eyes were a clear blue and

direct as only the innocent could look. Adam always felt old and damaged in Daniel’s presence.

“Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” the young footman asked.

“I’ve come to find something to read.” There, as an excuse it should bear scrutiny. He could always claim

that he was about to examine the Marsley House ledgers, even though he normally performed that task

in his own suite. “Yes, sir.”

“I think we had a prowler the other night,” Adam said, improvising. “One of the maids mentioned her



Daniel was a good lad, the kind who wouldn’t question a direct order.

“I’d like you to watch the outer door to the Tudor garden.”

“Yes, sir,” Daniel said, nodding.

“Tell Thomas that I need you there.”

“Yes, sir,” the young man said again, still nodding. Once he, too, had been new to a position. In his

case, Her Majesty’s army. Yet he’d never been as innocent as Daniel. Still, he remembered feeling uncertain and worried in those first few months, concerned that he wasn’t as competent at his tasks as he should be. For that reason he stopped the young man before he left the library.

“I’ve heard good reports about you, Daniel.”

The young man’s face reddened. “Thank you, sir.”

“I think you’ll fit in well at Marsley House.”

“Thank you, Mr. Drummond.”


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About Karen Ranney

KAREN RANNEY began writing when she was five. Her first published work was The Maple Leaf, read over the school intercom when she was in the first grade. In addition to wanting to be a violinist (her parents had a special violin crafted for her when she was seven), she wanted to be a lawyer, a teacher, and most of all, a writer. Though the violin was discarded early, she still admits to a fascination with the law, and she volunteers as a teacher whenever needed. Writing, however, has remained an overwhelming love of her life.

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