New Release: His Love Letters by Cameron Allie

I’m happy to have one of my favorite writing pals, Cameron Allie, here today to share her brand new series.


Our Love Story Series

by Cameron Allie

His Love Letters (available September 29th) and His Confession (available October 6th) are the first two installments of the Our Love Story series, featuring Jordan and Lance as they struggle through the challenges and milestones of their relationship.


His Love Letters

It all started the day Jordan found Lance’s love letters. He hadn’t been planning to snoop while Lance was in the shower, in fact he’d been preparing to do the opposite.

Jordan has an inappropriate attraction to his best friend Lance, a crush which won’t ever come to light for fear of ruining their friendship. But that all changes the day Jordan finds Lance’s stash of hidden letters, letters confessing his feelings. Each one addressed to Jordan.

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His Confession (Avail: Oct. 6)

Jordan is tired of waiting for his boyfriend to come out of the closet. He’s waited long enough to share their news, and as far as he’s concerned, it’s now or never.

After two years, Lance still refuses to tell his family he’s gay and Jordan has had just about enough. At Christmas dinner, Lance’s parents try to set him up with a family friend. For Jordan, that’s the breaking point. Walking out on a good meal, and a great relationship, Jordan leaves Lance to figure out just what their relationship is worth. Is this the last Christmas they’ll spend together?

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About Cameron:

Romance author Cameron Allie grew up in a small town north of Toronto. As a child she loved stories, and after reading her first romance novel at age fifteen, her dreams of writing became singularly focused on the love story. She is currently living in Ontario with her husband, and with her cat, who is constantly trying to interrupt the writing process.

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