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by Allyson Lindt, A.D. Trosper, Cheri Schmidt,Tristan Hunt, Akaria Gale, R. A. Steffan, Jennifer Rose McMahon, Amy L Gale, Shawnee Small, K. R. Fajardo, Lea Kirk, Mychal Daniels, Laura Hysell, Shawna Romkey, Elizabeth Ryder, E.A. Weston, Lindsay Avalon, LaVerne Thompson, Starla Night, Jayne Fury, and Isadora Brown

About the set:

Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance

Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination…

21 award-winning and best-selling authors bring you the best of PARANORMAL and SCI-FI ROMANCE in this enticing boxed set of exclusive epic adventures.

Rogue spaceship captains, dark vampire lords, supernatural hunters, crafty hackers, uncompromising alien alphas, fearless shifters, and MORE await in this highly sought-after collection including BRAND NEW romantic, otherworldly tales!

Step into OTHER WORLDS as these fresh voices of SFR and PNR take you on a journey to immortal realms and extraterrestrial territories where your imagination takes flight and fantasies come to life.


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Isadora Brown

Interview with Isadora:

Tell us a little about yourself.

Isadora Brown loves all things dark, dangerous, and deadly. Things that go bump in the night and send shivers down backs are things she adores. She loves (and writes) sexy forbidden romance, usually with some bite and a hint of magic. She is the author of The Somerset Series, The Dark Paradise Trilogy, The Stranger Trilogy, and The Neverland Trilogy. You can find her work on amazon and keep up with her latest releases by signing up for her newsletter here:

What was the last book your read?

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

What was the inspiration for this book?

I love Star Wars! But I wanted some more romance and some more female characters and female relationships within the epic saga. I typically write paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance but I decided to take a crack at some science fiction romance featuring princesses, far off galaxies, and cocky pilots.

What do you like most about your heroine?

I actually have two! Elise looks soft and delicate and has been sheltered her whole life. With the disappearance of her sister, she’s next in line to take the crown which would mean she would be ruling over an entire galaxy. But it’s the last thing she wants. She rebels in her own way, including falling for her older protector who comes from a low-born family.

Raya doesn’t know who she is. She’s good with her hands and works on jets and planes. Her dream is to become a pilot herself but that will probably never happen. Until she meets a cocky pilot who sees past her mysterious background, her sex, and everything else that has held her back. But it’s Rata herself that really steps into her own.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently going through self-edits for a new saga I’m writing – a saga I’m very excited about! It’s a Vampire Pirate series and it’s probably my best book yet.


Author Info:

Author Bio: Isadora Brown loves all things dark, dangerous, and deadly. Things that go bump in the night and send shivers down backs are things she adores. She loves (and writes) sexy forbidden romance, usually with some bite and a hint of magic. She is the author of The Somerset Series, The Dark Paradise Trilogy, The Stranger Trilogy, and The Neverland Trilogy. You can find her work on amazon and keep up with her latest releases by signing up for her newsletter here:

Blurb From: Discovering Starlight (Book 1 in The Starlight Trilogy) by Isadora Brown

Just because something is lost doesn’t mean it wants to be found…

Elise is a princess in disguise.  Raya is a princess in hiding.

With a War still going strong after fifteen years in the Aralyn Galaxy, Elise is still hiding out among the people. Her people.  She is set to inherit the throne of starlight due to her older sister’s death.

It’s the last thing Elise wants.

But rumors start cropping up – the long lost princess isn’t dead.  She’s just hiding.  She might not know who she’s supposed to be.

Elise hasn’t seen her older sister since the day her parents sent them away separately, as a way to protect them from this War. She is determined to find her, regardless of the risk, regardless of the cost.

Excerpt From: Discovering Starlight (Book 1 in The Starlight Trilogy)

Elise can’t sleep. This is normal for her; sleeping has become as elusive to her as her former home, and just like her former home, she makes no move to try and find it. Instead, she sits up in her bed – a flimsy twin bed nothing like the grand bed she used to have fourteen years before, when she was only four and still living in the Glass Palace – and wraps her arms around her legs, resting her cheek on her knees. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath.

Her mind wanders, as it is apt to do, and finds itself back in a conversation she had had with Reed last night. It’s funny what you talk about at one o’clock in the morning. He tells her to wake him up if she can’t sleep so she won’t be by herself – she doesn’t like being by herself if she doesn’t have to – but she knows he needs his sleep more than she needs his presence. His room just adjacent to hers, and the walls are so paper thin she knows if she presses her ear against the material – she knows it’s not wood but doesn’t know what it is – she’d be able to hear him breathe.

Reed is her closest friend because he is her only friend. Even the word friend may be too intimate, given that he is her protector, her guardian, vowed to watch over her and ensure her safety even if it means his own life. She’s not sure if they would be friends if she wasn’t future queen of the Galaxy of Aralyn, and the thought makes her sad because he’s such a good man, even if he doesn’t believe it. But the two are from different worlds – she is royalty, her head filled with languages and art history, etiquette and fashion; his head is filled with building things, how to fix things that are broken, how to hunt, how to track, how to protect things that are weak.

Like she is.

He is a Callus, a reformed criminal though what his crime was, he won’t say and she doesn’t push him. Much.

His voice still ripples across her thoughts. It’s low and mumbly. He speaks with a twangy drawl much different from her soft, articulate voice, but through the years of being around him, she’s been able to discern more and more of what he’s saying until she finds she knows what he’s saying like she speaks his language.

The people in this small town on this small planet keep to themselves. They don’t know who she really is, and they don’t ask. She’s grateful for the anonymity, grateful she doesn’t have to deal with looks ranging from sympathetic to outright hatred. She likes being Elle, a girl living with her guardian, going to school and learning about agriculture from a planet known for their agriculture innovations. She knows from Reed that Aralyn gets ninety-five percent of its produce from Teryn. Sometimes he tells her things like that, and it surprises her because she doesn’t expect him to be so rich with knowledge.  Then, she feels bad because she knows Reed and she knows his head is constantly in the books he secretly checks out from the library. He’s intelligent but doesn’t like people to know he is, which doesn’t make sense to Elise but makes perfect sense to Reed.

His passion is books, but he’ll never admit it, and that is essentially the sum of their discussion last night.

He was reading a text on the history of the galaxy, how the population of earth began to migrate from earth to other planets once it was possible to do so, once the option was available to everyone and not just the wealthy.  Earth was still a planet friendly to the Aralyn galaxy, and provided technology through a trade agreement, but it would take thirty years to get there, and even if one were to travel at light speed, it would still take ten years at least.  For this reason, her parents had not requested assistance through the Earth’s military due to this War, the sole reason why she and her long-lost older sister were forced to flee from the Glass Palace and seek life elsewhere, and instead, instituted a draft.  Drafts were never popular, and this one was no exception.

Every night, when he hides away behind the house to smoke a cigarette and read for twenty minutes, she visits him at the end of his cigarette so she can ask what he’s reading.  Sometimes, he tells her, sometimes he doesn’t want to talk – it all depends on what he’s reading, and his mood.  Reed can be moody, and by moody, she means he can be even more reserved than he usually is, even with her.

However, last night, he tells her of the Aralyn history, and he speaks so fast she has to bite the inside of her bottom lip to keep from smiling.  He looks beautiful when his eyes light up and his words come out in a jumbled mess and his hands move fast and incomprehensibly.  He’s rarely this animated, and she tries to slow the moment down, tries to really hear what he’s saying, because she wants him to be like this more, especially with her.

He tells her how her mother’s family had been in power for years and years and years, since the first migration took place, and how they abolished arranged marriages and other procedures that ensured unity.  Why force a child to marry when they ruled over an entire galaxy?  Marriage was a choice the individual made but could be overturned by her parents if they believed the match was in any way unsavory and forced.  It was why Elise’s older sister Raechal did not have an intended, and neither did Elise.  It did not matter that both of them are female like it had on Earth.  The sex of a ruler is never questioned.

He talks about the War, and how it officially began.  Why her parents sent her away.  He treads carefully when discussing what happened to her sister, and Elise tries to force herself to feel something, anything, for this mystery woman she can’t remember, but it’s difficult.  The guilt she feels about that is more overwhelming than the sense of loss she’s supposed to feel.

Perhaps, it is because she’s heard rumors.  Rumors she has yet to discuss with Reed, probably because she knows he will immediately dismiss them as false.  Probably because he intends to keep her safe above all else, and if he knew about the rumors, he would know she would want to search for her sister.  Partly because she wants her sister back.  Partly because she wants, more than anything, to continue to be Elle without having to be queen.

It’s selfish, she knows, but she doesn’t care.

When he finishes, he looks at her with a reddish tint to his cheeks, almost as though he can’t quite believe he went on for so long.  She gives him a soft smile, hoping to ease his discomfort, but knowing him, she’s only added to it.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she tells him.  “I wish I was as passionate about anything the way you are.”

Normally, he would respond, as though to reassure her that she is passionate about dancing or singing or something else, but he remains quiet.  She doesn’t mind.  He’s already said too much.



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