Jess Page’s Birthday Extravaganza

Today I’m helping Jess Page with her birthday celebration.

It’s a scavenger hunt!!!

How fun is that??!


Your clue:

Here is a list of book titles. Some of them are names of my books and some of them are not. Take the letters from the correct answers to get today’s word!

If you need a hint on which are my real titles, you can pop over to my books page.

Down to Business – G

Funny Business – A

Mystic’s Kiss – P

Risky Business – I

Mystic’s Love –  B

Rege’s Capture – E

Mystic’s Touch – F

Rege’s Rescue – T

Make sure you enter the drawing for the hunt’s grand prize:  A MYSTERY BOX !!  You can enter by following this link to Rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Birthday, Jess!!!

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