Author Spotlight – Rea Renee

Rea Renee is here to tell us about her book, Cheyenne Storm, as well as the rest of the Cheyenne series.

Cheyenne Storm (Book 1)


Sylvie grew up, believing her father had been killed at sea. However, when she finds a his letters to her mother hidden by her grandfather, she decides leave France and find her father in America. During the 1800’s, it is unwise for a woman to travel un-escorted, so she agrees to marry her fiancé, Daniel.

Her grandfather and her new husband hatch a scheme to thwart her reunion with her father.

When Sylvie and Daniel arrive in America, nothing goes as planned. America is at war with their former enemy, the British in the War of 1812. Sylvie and Daniel’s dinner with President Madison’s wife, interrupted by British soldiers burning Washington and the presidential mansion. Later, Sylvie is swept away in an avalanche that takes Daniel’s life.

Storm-Chaser, a Cheyenne Indian, finds Sylvie and claims her as his own. But love has scarred him and he keeps his wolf-shifting a secret from her.

Unable to accept a savage’s love, Sylvie plots her escape. She is determined to find her father and return to France, but will she be able to forget the proud warrior who captured her heart?


November 7, 1812 Colorado

Storm-Chase woke to an owl hooting. He rolled over to gather Leaping-Deer into his arms, but only found empty buffalo furs. He bolted upright, sweat beading across his forehead. Then his mind realized the truth that he’d wrestled with for months.

She was gone. He cursed himself that he didn’t make her stay behind that day. She was pregnant and just past the stage of all day nausea. Cooped up for weeks because of her condition, he couldn’t refuse her when her dark eyes held such hope of stretching her legs and running through the forest in her animal form.

“I’ll be careful. Just a short run… prance then, so you don’t scowl at me.”

For a long time, he stayed in his wolf form and watched her from a distance. When she spotted him, she nudged him away.

Reluctantly, he left her to join a nearby wolf pack. Then the gun sounded. He shook off his wolf-brothers’ warning and raced through the forest. A hunter tied her legs together and Storm-Chaser snapped his jaws on the man’s throat. The sweetness of the blood filling his mouth almost made him forget he was human.

When the man no longer breathed, Storm-Chaser dropped him and spat out what blood he could. He shifted. Naked, he reached for her. She, too, had now shifted back to her human form. He knew she was vulnerable in her deer-form. Why hadn’t she listened to him?

“I will take you to White-Hawk. He will heal you and the baby.”

“It’s too late. I feel the baby and me both slipping away. Promise me, you will look for love again. Don’t harden your heart when it comes to you— even if she doesn’t understand it with her mind and words, your and her heart will know it.”

“Shhh… you aren’t going anywhere. I will not let you die.” How could he marry another? She was his wife and heart. Without her, there was no love inside him. She smiled and kissed him. Her spirit left her body and he shook, holding her. The others came to him, telling him she was gone, but he could not let go. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

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Cheyenne Storm – Book 1

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About Rea Renee:

Rea Renee is pen name of self-published author of historical romance. Always love, but sometimes history is darker than sugar-coated stories.

Rea’s stories are dark, adventurous, and captivating.

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Book 2

Christine’s family is slaughtered by Indians and she is raised by her Uncle. However, his debts make her the payoff to a corrupt Lieutenant. She is saved by a Cheyenne warrior, but how can she be grateful to a savage?

Blade is half Cheyenne and half French, but he also holds his people’s spiritual heritage of shifting into their power animal. With a white woman invading his thoughts, can he keep his ability and his growing love for her a secret? Especially when she is kidnapped by her own people?

Book 3

Born of a white mother and half Indian father, Luke inherits the shape-shifting abilities of his father and grandfather. His totem animal, the raven, not only allows him to fly, but sail through time and witness the future. Knowing the whites will betray Chief Black Kettle, Luke begins spying at Fort Lyon. When he attends a masked ball, he finds a woman who captures his heart. But will she accept him once she knows he’s not fully white?

Lydia has taken care of herself and twin brother since their parents died. Tall for a female, she’s used to men being intimidated by her. When a mysterious stranger with piercing blue eyes dances with her, she can’t help but be memorized.

In a world of hostile wars between the whites and Indians, will these two find love despite their differences or are some prejudices too strangling?

Coming April 2017

Book 4

Josephine Currie has had enough of civilian city life. She longs for adventure and to spend more than the summer months with her mother’s Cheyenne tribe. Both her father, a retired calvary captain, and her half-Cheyenne mother, fight the injustice of the Native Americans through court and politics. Josephine longs for adventure and to live with her ancestors. When she hears about the massacre at Sand Creek, she sneaks out to find her Cheyenne relatives.

Smoke has been an outcast since he was born. His father was an enemy Cheyenne warrior who raped his Crow mother. Then, when he reached puberty, he transformed into an animal and was shunned by his tribe when they discovered the truth. Now he lives in the wilderness hunting Cheyenne and military soldiers.

When he spots Josephine, he thinks she’s just a white woman he can ransom. But the truth will make him chose between vengeance and love. Can he forgive the past and move onto the future?