Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

As a romance author, I can’t help but get excited about Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of love. Hearts, flowers, and cupids can be found everywhere you look. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Did you know that if you buy your own chocolate on Valentine’s Day, the calories don’t count?  (okay, yeah, I just made that up but it sounds good!!)

I’ve been thinking about taking Tuesday night off (as in, no writing or author stuff) and just binge watch all my favorite sappy movies. I’ve got a bunch – Pride & Prejudice (three versions), You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless In Seattle, Ever After, A Walk In The Clouds, The Lake House, Emma. Oh, I could probably watch for a whole weekend and not run out!! Although, with the new John Wick movie coming out, I seem to be on a Keanu Reeves kick lately so I could just narrow my selections down to romantic movies he’s in. And yes, I do love Neo & Trinity’s tragic love story in the Matrix trilogy. We’ll see what falls off my shelf and into the player come Tuesday night.

This year I’m twice as excited about Valentine’s Day because I have a new book that is finally up for pre-sale. Just in time for the holiday!! This is a new blending of genres for me as an author and it was a joy to write. Drawing on some of my own heritage, When Ash Remains, is a historical romance with Native American characters and paranormal elements. I hope you’ll enjoy Kajika and Ahyoka’s story as much as I loved bringing them to life.

And you get the first look at the cover!!

About When Ash Remains:

A warrior with a mission

There isn’t a buffalo or deer that Kajika cannot take down. So when his cousin is slaughtered he relishes the chance to track down the killer. The trail leads him to a woman with gifts he has trouble believing in. Despite their differences he cannot fight his instinct to protect her from all threats – even those he cannot see. That drive even rivals his desire to explore every inch of her body.

A woman with a destiny

Knowing the spirits will protect her, Ahyoka allows the handsome warrior to take her to be questioned by his chief about the unexplained deaths in their village. He may not believe in her abilities but he is one of the few who doesn’t treat her like something to be feared or shunned. He awakens feelings that make her yearn for things she thought she’d never have. Her biggest fear is that once he learns the full extent of her gifts he will reject her like most of her tribe did.

A killer twisted by hurt and anger

Kajika and Ahyoka must work together to find the one responsible for the string of deaths in and around their villages. Faith, trust, and even a little bit of love will be needed to defeat the killer and right the wrongs committed in the pursuit of power and revenge.

Book Buy Links (pre-sale):  Amazon  /  Kobo  /  iBooks    (more to come!)

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