New Release: Finding Dani by Zoe Mullins

Finding Dani

Men of Steele – Book Three

by Zoe Mullins


Smart. Sexy. Successful. Sayid had it all, including a bevy of young subs willing to serve his needs at Club Nirvana. He should be happy, but he can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. He didn’t expect a single mom starting over would be just what he was looking for to cure his melancholia.

She’s quirky, outspoken, and artistic, and yet something about Dani appeals to the uptight Doctor.

Starting over and as a single mom, wasn’t what Dani had expected, but it’s turning out, she thinks, rather well. It’s the perfect place to raise her little girl and start a new life. Meeting a sexy Dom wasn’t high on her list of priorities, but when he walked into her studio, the sparks were instantaneous. It wasn’t what either of them were expecting but it may be just what they need.


Sayid sipped his chai tea as Sophie ooh’d and ah’d over another vase. She had stripped her condo of most of its character, having taken the art, brik-a-brak and her favorite pieces of furniture with her when she moved in with David and Ben. That didn’t mean, however, that they had to refurnish it all in one day.

Joon-am,” he began, taking the vase from her hand and placing it back on the display, “I love spending the day with you, but do we have to go to every store in the township today. I am here for the next three months.”

She frowned at him, and not just because he continued to call her Joon-am, my heart, an endearment that made Ben curl his fist reflexively when he heard it. It was one of the reasons he still did it.

“We’ve been at it for,” she glanced at her watch, “an hour.”

Is that all it had been? It felt like a month since they’d been eating lunch. He hated shopping. He had people in Halifax who did this for him. He should call his designer and have him order what he thought was needed.

“Besides,” she took his hand, “Our next destination is just around the corner.”

He let her drag him down a side street away from the waterfront. He trailed after her dutifully until they stepped in from of a tiny white chapel.

“We are going to church.”

“And risk you going up in flames, please,” she teased. “It’s not a church any more, which means it’s not consecrated ground. We should both be safe.” At the top of the stairs, one arched door stood open, the other remained closed but had a delicately hand-painted sign. She pointed to it now, smiling.  “It’s the studio of my favorite interior designer and bric-a-brac messiah.”

He felt a small smile tug at the corner of his lips. Alter Creations by Dani Larson. Clever, he thought, following her in to the church.

“Dani,” Sophie called out, “You here?”

Sayid thought it a silly question considering the door had been wide open, but then again this was the sticks. He may have been down the street grabbing a cup of coffee, lunch, or just chatting with a neighbor nearby.

He sighed and looked around for a wastebasket in which to toss his empty tea cup. He found it hidden next to the front door, as a petite brunette peaked out from behind a silk-screened room divider at the back of the altar.

“One minute Sophe,” she called out, her back to them but holding up one hand with one finger raised. The other hand held a cell phone, the earphone cord stretched between her head and her hand.

Sayid smiled, as Sophie began looking around. That must be Dani, Sayid though. He had assumed that Dani was short for Daniel. He was expecting a young man, perhaps a little effete. He wasn’t excepting a barefoot, earth goddess. Dani’s dark hair flowed down her back, reaching to just below her bare shoulder blades. She had dressed for the summer weather in a scarf style dress with little spaghetti straps. Tied around her waist was a lightweight sweater. He supposed even earth goddesses got cold.

Dani placed a hand on her hip and turned slightly and he could see the gentle swell of her breasts.

“Careful,” Sophie whispered, bumping her shoulder into his arm, “You are starting to drool.”

“Funny.” He smirked down at her. In fact, the opposite had happened – his mouth had gone dry. He couldn’t remember the last time he had such a visceral reaction to a woman.

Interview With Zoe:

Tell us a little about yourself.

Oh, this is my least favorite question. I never know what to answer. I’m a compulsively organized introvert, who has a journal addiction. Not journal writing – I rarely write in them and I don’t journal. I’ve never actually kept a diary though I try to about once a year (for about three days). However, I can’t seem to pass, up buying a new journal, especially if it has a fox or woodland creature on it. It’s a problem.

Tell us about the Men of Steele series.

The Men of Steele series is set in St. Augustin which is an amalgamation of a number of small coastal towns near where I live in Atlantic Canada. The heroes of the series all work or are in someway involved in Steele Construction, the major construction company in the area, owned and run by Jackson Steele, the hero from the first book, Winning Cait. In that book we are introduced to his construction supervisor, Benjamin, who becomes our hero in the second book, Tempting Sophie. Each book stands on its own, but does include characters from the previous book.

The latest book, Finding Dani, is a story of new beginnings. Sayid is a smart, sexy and successful doctor – he should be happy? But he’s recently begun to feel like something is missing. He takes sabbatical in St. Augustin, looking for a cure for his melancholia. The cure comes in the form of Dani – a quirky, artistic single mom who is redecorating his condo on the coast. Meeting a sexy Dom, wasn’t on her list of priorities, but when he walks into her studio the sparks are undeniable.

What do you like most about your heroine, Dani, in Finding Dani?

I think one of the things I like about being a writer is getting to try out new careers and interests through my heroines. I live a little vicariously through them. In the case of Dani, she was born out of too many nights spent combing through DIY projects on Pinterest and thinking “oh, I could do that” but knowing that I would be creating Pinterest fails if I even tried. But seriously, one my favorite things about Dani is she’s fearless – starting over in a new town, opening a business and having a baby on her own.

What’s next for you?

Well, I will be working on the fourth book in the Men of Steele series. It will feature Patrick, the chef at Savour, and his wife. It’s a slightly different dynamic than the previous three in the series because they are already together.

First though I’m working on a fun contemporary novel, a little different from the Men of Steele, that revolves around a wager. In the heroine’s quest to buy back her family’s lost business, and in desperation, she makes a wager with Griffin Sinclair, CEO of SINCON Industries who owns her family’s company.


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A prolific writer, even in elementary school, Zoë was forever jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance – usually during math class. After years of working in corporate communications, she decided to refocus on the kind of writing she loves – sexy, hot romances with quirky heroines, hunky heroes and of course, happily-ever-after endings.

She and her husband of nearly 20 years live in Atlantic Canada with their fur-babies (two dogs – Moxie and Karma). When not at her desk you can find her at her favorite yoga studio, camping by the lake or renovating their money-pit of a house. You can keep up with Zoe, what she’s working be it books or home renovations by signing up for her Quarterly Newsletter.