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Ally Shields has teamed up with Goddess Fish Promotions to celebrate the release of her Elvenrude Trilogy. As part of her tour Ally will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN to a randomly drawn winner. See the bottom of this post for more information.

First enjoy this quick interview with Ally.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Midwestern gal. Hopped around the East Coast for a while, got married during college, and returned to the Midwest for Law School. After a few years of private practice, my love of juvenile cases drew me into state government service with the Juvenile Justice System. Now I write full time. My two sons are grown with families of their own, including eight grandkids and at last count, six dogs and two cats. I live near Des Moines with my miniature pinscher, Ranger.

What is/are your favorite book(s)?

Favorite children’s book was Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion, but there are so many favorite adult books. Maybe Tolkien’s Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. If it’s high adventure and heroic, a mystery or thriller, I’m going to love it! Don’t mind a little romance either, so you’ll find those on my kindle too.

What draws you to write in the fantasy genre?

That’s probably Tolkien’s fault, although I was into knights and medieval stories during junior high. I didn’t read urban fantasy until introduced by a friend to Laurell K Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures, the first Anita Blake book. That is still an all-time awesome favorite. I love the blending of fantasy on top of our contemporary world. It’s fun for me to read, but it’s absolutely fascinating to write. It provides so many opportunities to rewrite the world in my own terms. 🙂

What do you like most about your heroine, Kameo Ryndel?

I love the way Kameo stands up for herself. She makes her own destiny in an elven society that still sees women as the weaker sex. She also has a girlie girl side and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. I love to watch her struggle with the contradictions within herself.

What’s next for you?

The elven trilogy is complete now, and I’ve started a new series. Ghost Walking is a romantic, paranormal mystery. Maggie York, a red-haired, no-nonsense homicide detective with the New Orleans’ PD, is shot from ambush. She codes and is brought back in the hospital ER. But things aren’t quite the same for her. She sees things…shadowy beings she shouldn’t be able to see. And one of them wants her to find his killer. Maggie isn’t the least bit happy about her new gift…or her ghost.


Thanks for having me on your blog! I enjoy being around other authors and readers. They talk about books—my favorite things!


1_Cover_CrossKeys_Elvenrude TrilogyCross Keys (Elvenrude Book 1)
When a common elf—forbidden portal travel to the human world—is spotted in New Orleans, Kameo Ryndel is ordered by the king to bring him home. Before she can intervene, he’s shot and his body inexplicably stolen. Even more puzzling is Seth Lormarc’s appearance at the scene. Although he’s an Elite elf from a rival guild and the sexy, arrogant heir to the centuries-old feud between their families, she’d reluctant to believe he’s a murderer.
As their paths continue to cross and a deadly plot unfolds, they struggle to set aside the past, deny the growing attraction between them, and root out a conspiracy hidden deep inside Elvenrude…a conspiracy threatening their entire way of life.

2_Cover_Revelation_Elvenrude TrilogyCross Keys: Revelation (Elvenrude Book 2)
Kam and Seth’s romance hasn’t been smooth over the past six months. She’s been on too many CIA missions; he’s had to shoulder more of his clan’s duties. Then invisible assailants attack an elven guild worker, and Kam and Seth pull together to track down the intruders. The CIA interrupts again, and she and Seth part on angry words.
Returning from the short CIA mission, Kam is kidnapped by the mysterious intruders and taken to a place she never knew existed—beyond the Louisiana bayou. When she learns a terrible secret and the intruders’ deadly plans, she’s desperate to get home and warn Seth.
He’s searching day and night, not sure whether she’s dead or alive…but knowing he has to have her back.

3_Cover_Unity_Elvenrude TrilogyCross Keys: Unity (Elvenrude Book 3)
Despite unrest in their Elven homeland, Kam and Seth have scheduled their long-awaited promise ceremony for the night of the Winter Solstice. But once again fate intervenes in the form of an elf captured by human authorities, an escalation of the local rebellion, and a widespread theft of ancient human artifacts that forces the Elven king to break an oath thousands of years old.
When a spirit woman predicts a world-ending catastrophe, Kam and Seth set out on a worldwide hunt to stop an old enemy, while back in Elvenrude, Rhyden (Seth’s cousin) and Esty (Kam’s sister) have issues of their own. If any of them fail, there may be nothing left…and tomorrow might not come.

Excerpt One from Cross Keys (Elvenrude Book 1):

Caleb nodded absently at the departing couple, then returned his gaze to Kam. “I’m serious. It’s time you became more involved with trade matters. In fact,” he paused, “you have several decisions you should be making. When are you coming home?”

“I’m here now.” She clamped down on a spark of anger. Why did every conversation with him lead into demands about the future?

“You know that isn’t what I meant.”

She stiffened. “It’s too soon for any long-term decisions. I like where we are now.” A storm was gathering in his eyes, and she took steps to head off a fight. The King’s Harvest Ball was hardly the time or place. She tilted her head and looked at him. “Are you about ready to leave?” A diversion was in order before she lost her temper and said something she’d regret. “I have to be back in the city by early morning, and I can think of better things we could be doing.”

“More than ready.” His smile held a provocative edge. “Shall we start our round of goodbyes?”

“I’m going to visit the ladies’ room, then I’ll catch up with you.” She ducked her head and hurried away, anxious to get out of sight before he realized just how annoyed she was. She shoved the door open into the hallway a little harder than was necessary and ran into a solid body. She stumbled, throwing out her arms for balance.

“Oh, I’m so sor—” Strong hands caught her, and she looked up into Seth Lormarc’s glittering green eyes. “You!”

His eyes widened in surprise. “Do I know you?”

A spark of unexpected awareness ran up her arms, and she tried to shake off his grasp. He held tight until she was steady. “No, but I know who you are.” She looked pointedly at his hands. “Take your hands off me.”

“No problem.” He released her and stepped back, a smile parting his lips. “Are you always so charming?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ally Shields grew up in the Midwest along the Mississippi River, still considers herself “a river rat,” and currently resides near Des Moines. After a career in law and juvenile justice, she turned to full-time fiction writing in 2009. Her first urban fantasy, Awakening the Fire (Guardian Witch #1) was published in 2012, and she currently has ten published novels. She loves to travel in the US and abroad and incorporates many of those settings into her books. Ms. Shields welcomes reader contact through her website and can frequently be found on Twitter.

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