New Release: Deflowering Daisy by Kathryn Kane

Power of WordsToday I’m pleased to have Kathryn Kane in the hot seat for a quick interview and a peek at her historical romance, Deflowering Daisy.

So… here’s Kathryn…

What’s your favorite indulgence (i.e. food, spa treatment, other)?

My very favorite indulgence would have to be a warm summer afternoon spent on my back porch, in a comfy chair, listening to soft music while reading a romance novel. Romance novels are my favorite form of recreation, but I don’t like to have to read them in snatches while commuting, so I save them for a time when I can relax and read for as long as I like.

However, I definitely do not ignore chocolate, so I may sometimes treat myself to a nice bit of chocolate while I am reading. Lindt truffles are one of my favorites. Unless it is really hot, in which case ice cream is my treat of choice. I really like those little Dove ice cream bites.

What was the inspiration for Deflowering Daisy?

Daisy is a first-time story. Over the years, a number of women friends have confided in me that their first time was not quite what they hoped it would be. I have always found that good story-telling can stay with us much like a strong memory. So, I wanted to write a first-time story where the hero got it right, to give my friends an alternate memory which would give them pleasure.

Daisy is a historical romance, set in Regency England. Since I love flowers, as a play on the title, I have woven a number of snippets of floral history into the story.

What do you like most about your heroine, Daisy?

She is a woman who, though she has experienced some cruel treatment by her step-father, she did not let that warp her view of people in general. I also like that though she is a woman, and behaves with kindness and decorum, as befit a woman of her time and station in life, when the time comes that she must stand up to the hero, for his own good, of course, she does so quite ably.

What’s next for you?

I am working on a new story, a fantasy this time, about a powerful wizard who is the guardian of a great forest. But the forest is failing because humans have not cared for it as they should. He captures a young human woman whom he intends to sacrifice in order to save his forest, and, as it happens, his own life. But he soon comes to care for her and cannot bear the thought of her death. But she has also come to care for him, so much she is willing to sacrifice herself to save him. Since it is a romance, there will be a happily ever after, but I hope to surprise readers with the ending.

Deflowering Daisy-96dpi_200

“She cannot remain a virgin!”

For so she was, after nearly a decade of marriage. When she was sixteen, Daisy had willingly, happily, married a man more than fifty years her senior, to escape a forced marriage to a man she abhorred. Though Sir Arthur Hammond had been a wild rake in his youth, he was so deeply in love with his late, beloved first wife that he never considered consummating his second marriage, certainly not with a woman he considered a daughter. But now, knowing he was dying and that he would be leaving sweet, innocent Daisy ignorant of the physical intimacies which could be enjoyed between a man and a woman, he felt that it was imperative she be given the knowledge which would prepare her for the life of a wealthy widow. Armed with the knowledge of physical intimacy, she would be much better prepared to deal with any fortune hunter who might try to seduce her into marriage for her money. And who better to initiate Daisy into the pleasures of the bedchamber than his godson. David had become nearly a recluse since a tragedy which occurred while he was serving the Crown against the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte. Prior to that, his skill as a tender and considerate lover had been bruited about in certain circles. Therefore, Sir Arthur believed that David was just the man to introduce Daisy to physical pleasure. And what might spending time with true and gentle Daisy do for David?

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Author Bio

Kathryn Kane is a historian and former museum curator who has enjoyed Regency romances since she first discovered them in her teens. She credits the novels of Georgette Heyer with influencing her choice of college curriculum, and she now takes advantage of her knowledge of history to write her own stories of romance in the Regency. Though she now has a career in the tech industry, she has never lost her love of the period and continues to enjoy reading Regency novels and researching her favorite period of English history.

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