Guest Post: Vampire versus Human (Part 1) by Angelina J. Windsor

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Today I’m happy to have a soon-to-be-published author, Angelina J. Windsor as my guest. She has agreed to answer a few questions so we can get to know her. And she included a blog post for us to enjoy!

Without further ado, here’s Angelina…

Who or what inspired you to become a writer, Angelina?

Hi Dena, thanks so much for having me visit today! I have always wanted to write down the stories I’ve told myself since I was a child to help me sleep at night. Though sometimes the hot stories I write now get in the way of sleep. Whoa boy!

What’s your favorite indulgence (i.e. fav food or spa treatment or other)?

A lovely grooming session in my own homemade spa! I’ve always been independent and love to do everything for myself, hair, nails—the whole nine yards. Saves money and it’s so relaxing. I also have some training. I’ve had so many careers, from shelf stocker, to hairdresser to high school computer and business teacher. I’ve tried to reinvent myself as the time period demands and it seems to have worked. Now I write full time.

What draws you to write paranormal romance?

The pure trill of creating other worlds where you get to create the rules of the land. Not to mention paranormal creatures are far more liberating to write about as they get to break the rules and live larger-than-life existences.

What was the inspiration for Seventh Son, the first in the Dragonstone Wolves series?

A chance remark by my husband about two people meeting on a bridge. I added her desperation and the meeting occurring with a lord and a newly turned werewolf from the 10th century and we had a beginning.

What do you like most about your hero?

Lord Snowdon is a man of honor. He’s also lusty and over-the-top sexy!

What’s next for you?

Already at work on the sequel. I write every day like clockwork from the time I wake up till about noon. Then I have other responsibilities. Works for me! Of course, I’m always thinking about what’s going to happen next and I do manage to sneak in a few other writing sessions whenever possible.

Blog Post:

Burne-Jones-le-VampireVampire versus Human/Part 1

My vampires have a saying, “Life sucks, and then you don’t die.”

When you don’t die, according to the vampires that populate my novels, it brings up a whole host of concerns and considerations. Most worrying is memory. How much “baggage” can you take if your life is never going to be over? If the making of a vampire goes well, you face remembering all that happened in your human existence and all that will happen in your vampire existence. Now that can suck big time! It creates such hardship that many vampires, during the course of their centuries of undead life, will choose “time-out” or captus ut humus, the Latin words for “going to ground”.

How many humans require a refreshing of their batteries and how hard it that to achieve in our busy lives? As a teacher and author, I often cannot tune off the voices in my head, be it a student or a character that is pressing for attention. I’m reminded of a line in a move, For The Love Of The Game, where the Kevin Costner character thinks and/or says the line, “Clear the mechanism,” each time before he makes a pitch. It is the author equivalent of becoming still enough in our minds to find and follow our muse. These short spells of captus ut humus refresh and revive us from the baggage of our lives. Just be glad it’s just the baggage of a single lifetime and not the centuries or millenniums a vampire endures. Now that would require a major time out!

Happy reading,

Angelina J. Windsor J

Heart, Sizzle, and Happily Ever After

Author Bio:

If, to quote Robert Louis Stevenson, to forget oneself is to be happy, than I am most happy when I am immersed in the lives of my characters. Writing is all about giving your heart and soul to your storytelling. Obsessed with ideas and writing since I was one of those, the dreaded teenage poet, I spend time every day bringing worlds to life. For that journey I am grateful.  I write in multiple genres (multi-published) across the writing spectrum, from hard science fiction to sweet romance, though I am quite drawn to racy characters that have plenty of attitude to spare.  I can only hope my books touch your life albeit briefly in our busy world, and give you moments of absolute freedom as you fly with me to other worlds. Thanks for reading! And may all your stories have a happy-ever-after.

Connect with Angelina:

Coming Soon from Angelina J. Windsor:

(1) Seventh Son: gothic paranormal (werewolf) erotic novella

An ancient werewolf curse, a darkly handsome nobleman, and a desperate woman all meet up in the haunted forests of ancient Albion. Some say it is destiny. Some say it is a curse brought about by the devil’s own. But all say divine intervention is necessary if history will claim the victory of the Dragonstone Clan over the wild Northmen.

(2) The Power of Tess: new adult contemporary erotic novel

Tess Summerlin is in desperate need of some quick cash. Huge gobs of it in fact, but to get it she may have to compromise her strict southern heritage. Jonathon Rothschild, temporary head of Rosemère Agency an escort service for the very rich, reluctantly gives her a job. He explains she must look inside herself to see what kind of erotic romantic fantasy she is able to enact with paying clients. The list is daunting; everything from dominatrix to sweet sexy girl next door is on the table. But what will make her the most money is offering up her virginity to the highest bidder. Will she be able to accept his terms or will falling in lust for her new employer be her undoing?

(3) The Power of Sunday Rose: new adult contemporary erotica novel

$20,000.00, one week, no sex. What begins as a lark to make money towards her college tuition soon becomes something else entirely, an experience that changes Sunday Rose Stark’s life forever. And it’s all due to the man who hires her: Adam Drake, a man who wants to pay her to accompany him to social events for one week. But he’s about to find out he’s met his match in Sunday Rose when the beauty demonstrates her wild side. Will he be able to let her go at the end of the week or will he be hooked on her ability to mesmerize him with her own tales of intrigue and sexual fantasies that are more than a match for his own.