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Tracy Reed has teamed up with Goddess Fish Promotions to celebrate the release of her book, Generational Curse. As part of her tour, Tracy will be giving away a $10 gift card. See the bottom of this post for more information.

Now enjoy this quick interview with Tracy.

What is your favorite indulgence (i.e. food, spa treatment, other)?

What is my favorite indulgence…I have a few…shopping and trying new restaurants.  I’m a foodie , so cooking and seeking out new restaurants is treat for me.  I like to gone home and recreate the meals.  Second is spending the day shopping.  I love to go out trying on clothes and shoes and spending time in the cosmetics department.  I call it therapy and it’s also great research.

When I was writing GENERATIONAL CURSE, I wanted to really visualize the engagement ring [I hope I didn’t give too much away].  So I went to Harry Winston and tried on diamond engagement rings.  I met a very nice sales person, named Suzanne who helped me.  Not only did she explain cut, color and clarity.  She also let me try on some rings.  She started out with the smaller ones and then the big mama…$330,000.  I was awestruck and in love.

So one of my new indulgences is trying on expensive jewelry and fantasizing.  Who knows, maybe one day someone will gift me with that Harry Winston ring or one similar.

How has your experience into the world of indie/self-publishing been and would you recommend it to others?

I am a HUGE fan and supporter of Indie/Self-publishing and highly recommend it if…you write a genre not widely accepted by the Traditional Publishing system.

I had an agent, but it didn’t work out.  That’s a long story.  GENERATIONAL CURSE is the third book I wrote.  The first book will be out later this Summer and it’s follow up maybe at the end of the year.  Anyway, the follow to the new series, is very sensual.  After I wrote it, I started GENERATIONAL CURSE.

While writing GENERATIONAL CURSE I realized, I didn’t fit in with traditional publishing.  Especially after an agent told me I could write about faith [God] and romance, but I could write about faith [God] and steamy [sex] romance.  I was a lot taken aback.  Why not?  He created both.

Several taboo subjects are touched on in your book – specifically relationships with married men/women – have you gotten any feedback from readers or “internet trolls” and how have you handled it?

So far the response has been great.  I’ve had men tell me they like Kyla and want to know if there’s a follow up with her.

So far my favorite experience has been with a group of women from my church who bought the book.  One lady said she re-read the “Naked Night” scene and stored it in her memory bank for use with her future husband.

I think the reason the feedback has been positive is because you see Kyla grow and change.  At one time I thought about having her slip up and then I decided against it.   Overall, the comments have been good.

What do you like most about your hero, Sean Prescott, in Generational Curse?

What do I like most about Sean Prescott…I think it has to be his gentleness, will power and strength.  In my mind, he’s well over six feet, covered in muscles, beautiful dark skin, warm eyes and a wicked smile.  That’s his exterior, but inside, he’s very loving, compassionate and kind, but at the same time, he’s a fighter.

What’s next for you?

What’s up next…I have two books coming out this Summer [possibly sooner, depends on the editing].  The first is my novella, “THE GOOD GIRL.”

This was my first time writing a novella.  I wrote The Good Girl in about ten days.  Once I completed it, the characters weren’t finished talking, so I started the next installment.  This is the story of Gabriella Townsend who falls for her boss.

Then I have a full length book, actually, it’s the first book I wrote.  It’s book one in The Alex Chronicles.  This series is all about girlfriends and their relationships and lives.

Then there’s the follow up to Generational Curse.  This time the story revolves around Kyla’s sister, Corianne.  Let me say, Corianne is a pistol.  I tried to hint at her story towards the end of Generational Curse.  Be prepared for a wild ride.


What happens when a celibate Christian man befriends a woman involved with a married man? Sean knows he should run in the other direction, but Kyla tempts him to abandon his Christian beliefs for a taste of the forbidden. But if he continues the relationship, can he convince that being with a married man isn’t the fantasy life the generations of women in her family made it appear to be?

Sean Prescott and Kyla James are business associates playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse hoping the other will give in. But in this high stakes relationship game, is there really a winner or will both be losers?


“I WANNA GET MARRIED,” Eric announced.

Kyla leaned up against the headboard. “Excuse me?”

“I want, let me rephrase that. If I want to be taken seriously as a marriage therapist, it would help if I were married.”

“I see.”

“Most of the couples I’ve been working with are beginning to question my ability to treat them, seeing I’m not married. So, what do you say?” He waited for her answer.

“That was a horrible proposal.”

“I’m sorry.” He got up and walked over to her side of the bed, took her hand in his, cleared his throat and made a second attempt. “Kyla, will you marry me.”

She looked at him for a brief moment, before replying, “Baby, I’m not Susie Homemaker. I like things the way they are.” He stood up, looking at her with no reaction. “Like I told you before, I’m not interested in marriage.”

“We don’t have to live together, it could be like it is now. Only difference is, we’d be married.”

“How is that like what we have now? I don’t want to be legally bound to you, or anyone else for that matter.” She tried to read his expression. “If this is something you feel you need to do, then I think you should get married.”

“But you said you didn’t want to get married.”

“I don’t.” She stood up and put her robe on. “Excuse me.” She walked into the kitchen and he followed her.

“I’m a little confused. You agree with my decision to get married, but you don’t want to marry me.”

“That’s correct.” She poured two glasses of champagne.

“I don’t understand.”

She took a long sip and answered him. “It’s very simple. You need a wife. Let me rephrase that, you want a showpiece. Someone your patients can relate to, right?”


“All I want from you is sex.”

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I’m a single Christian Woman who loves God, Fashion and Cute Guys. I live in California, but consider myself a partial New Yorker because of the two and half years I lived there. I own, a lingerie site for curvy women. GENERATIONAL CURSE is my debut novel.











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