New Release: Convincing the Rancher by Claire McEwen

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Claire McEwen has teamed up with Goddess Fish Promotions to celebrate the release of her book, Convincing The Rancher. As part of her tour, Claire will be giving away a $15 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner. See the bottom of this post for more information.

Now enjoy this brief interview with Claire.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

I was very blessed to have the first book I ever wrote published by Harlequin SuperRomance.  I entered the first chapter in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest.  I never expected to place, and I didn’t, but a few weeks after the contest, much to my shock, an editor contacted me and asked to see the whole manuscript.  A few months later, she asked if I’d revise it.  I did, and a few months after that I was offered a contract!

That book was A Ranch to Keep, which came out in February 2014.  My second book for Harlequin, More Than a Rancher, came out in September.  Convincing the Rancher is the third book in the series and it looks like Harlequin might be interested in my next books as well!  I am a very lucky person.  Writing for Harlequin, and working with my amazing editor, is a dream come true.

What’s your favorite indulgence?  (food, spa treatment, other)

I have too many to list!  I love chocolate, red wine, good scotch, and nice dinners out.  I love to travel.  And I love shopping and visits to the hair salon.  But one of the best ways to relax that I know of?  Lying on the couch, (or in a hammock, or on a lounge chair) with a really good book!

Who inspires you as a writer?

Right now I am most inspired by my fellow SuperRomance authors and also some of the Harlequin Heartwarming and Harlequin American authors.  They all write the kinds of layered stories that I love, with complex emotions and sub plots, interesting secondary characters and settings.  Specific authors are Laura Drake, Donna Alward, Liz Talley, Kris Fletcher, Jeannie Watt, Pamela Hearon, Rula Sinara, Jean Brashear… there’s a big list, but if you start with those authors you’ll find some great novels!

What do you like most about your heroine from Convincing the Rancher, Tess Cole?

I was so excited to write Tess’s book.  She’s funny in a sarcastic way, she’s damaged, she’s gorgeous and strong and vulnerable while pretending to be invincible.  Her story is complicated and she has to grow on so many levels to become someone who can be in a relationship.  Trying to help her overcome her fears and scars so she could develop as a friend, a person and eventually, as a parent and a spouse was difficult and very rewarding.

What’s next for you?

As of this writing I don’t have a contract for more books, but I hope to have one very soon!  Harlequin SuperRomance is considering my proposal for four more romances based out of my fictional eastern Sierra town of Benson, California.  These books will be much more western, featuring characters born and raised on ranches. But the problems they face are very modern and complicated.  I so hope Harlequin wants to publish them, because I really want to write them!  The first book is about the dangers facing America’s wild horses, and features a hero who is trying to save them, and a heroine who just needs to do her job and not worry about the consequences.  I think it will be a very moving and romantic book to write.

I hope you enjoy Convincing the Rancher and thank you again for inviting me to your blog today!

Cover_Convincing the RancherBLURB:

About that night…

Benson, CA, represents all that Tess Cole doesn’t want. So she intends to keep her business trip there brief. Too bad her idea to quickly change the mayor’s mind about some planning issues dissolves the moment she recognizes him! That one night with Slaid Jacobs remains a personal favorite for Tess—and for him, too, it seems.

Even though he’s gorgeous and hot, it’s clear to Tess that the single dad wants a commitment—something she avoids. It’s also clear Slaid is bent on convincing her they can build a future out of their passionate past. And that’s a very tempting offer…


“You don’t remember me, do you?”

Tess froze. She was at a disadvantage. Something she absolutely hated. She scanned her brain for some situation where she might have met the mayor before. Then it hit her, and tension turned to relief. “Oh, yes! It was when Samantha married Jack, right?” The mayor looked puzzled, so she tried again. “Samantha Rylant? She married Jack Baron about six months ago. She’s a good friend and they live in Benson. We must have met at their wedding.”

The mayor gave a short laugh, studying her face with an expression of disbelief on his own. “I know them pretty well. But I was out of town for that happy occasion. I…” He paused as if catching himself. “I’m sorry, why don’t you have a seat.” He indicated the chair opposite his desk and she sat down reluctantly. He sat down as well, moving with surprising grace for such a big man. He leaned back and regarded her bemusedly over the vast mahogany expanse. “I guess I would have hoped our previous meeting was a little more memorable for you.”

Now she really was at a loss. “I’m really not…”

“Phoenix, Arizona? The Fairway Resort?”

She’d been there, as a guest speaker at a convention a couple years ago. “Oh, were you attending the PR conference?”

“No, I wasn’t.” He watched her carefully.

“Then where did we…” The realization hit her in the stomach and chest, and her heart started pounding. This couldn’t really be happening. Tess kept her work life and personal life separate—completely separate—until now. A one-night stand. She’d had a one-night stand with the mayor of Benson.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Claire McEwen lives by the ocean in Northern California with her family and a scruffy, mischievous terrier.  When not dreaming up new stories, she can be found digging in her garden with a lot of enthusiasm but, unfortunately, no green thumb.  She loves discovering flea-market treasures, walking on the beach, dancing, traveling and reading, of course!  Convincing the Rancher is her third book for Harlequin Superromance.






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