New Release: Bronto’s Revenge by Jennifer LaRose


I’m thrilled to share the news that my dear friend and fellow EC author Jennifer LaRose has a new book out. Bronto’s Revenge is book two in her Barbarian Lust series. I love this series!! Hunky space warriors battling alien life forms and falling in love. What more do you need?!

But keep your paws off Birman. He’s mine!

About Bronto’s Revenge:

Momma warned Ivy to stay away from the bloodthirsty Barbarians but only a Barbarian can show her true love. Bronto’s compassion, affection and gentle touch overpower his fierce nature. She places her heart and future in his hands as he introduces her to a life of passion while protecting her from the deadly creatures overrunning her planet.

Aliens. Mutants. Dinosaurs. What the hell kind of planet has the government sent Bronto to? He tolerates the creatures lurking around every corner but not the alien abduction of Ivy. He’s just begun to introduce her to the ways of lust when she’s taken to be used for their brutal experiments. Bronto never believed he could fall for one of Helixis’ “primitive” humans. But now he can’t imagine life without Ivy. He’s determined to save her and destroy the invasive species before they leave her to rot in their lab.


Ivy sucked in air as Bronto lowered his lips to her mouth. They barely touched but were so close his trembling breath spread across her hands like a gentle breeze.

“Kiss me, love.”

Her belly sank. She removed her hands from his, cupped his face and ever so softly patted her lips against his.

“Like you mean it,” he said.

Again she patted his lips, allowing her mouth to linger a second longer.

“No. Like this.” He captured her lips, forcing them apart and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Gosh, she hadn’t expected that. No, she hadn’t but something inside her exploded. A mixture of prickly heat and excitement branched from her tummy, spreading through her like a wildfire. Even her face felt flushed. Was this the sensation Wisty had tried to explain?

The moment his tongue slipped alongside hers, coaxing it to react, she lost her sense of concentration and instinct took over. She wound her tongue around his and at the same time shifted in his lap to where she straddled his waist. It didn’t matter she’d exposed the center of her thighs. Nor did it matter the moisture flowing from her body absorbed into his loincloth right where his hard organ pressed against her flesh. She wanted to snuggle beneath his skin but she couldn’t seem to get close enough.

He retracted his hands from her face and placed them on her lower back and neck. Their lips remained interlocked as he carefully flipped her backward onto the ground. She sank quickly into the furs from his weight bearing down on her body. The fibers brushed against her shoulders and spine. Her skin became so sensitive she was aware of every single strand tickling her flesh.

She latched onto his upper arms. Thick muscle hardened beneath her palms as he propped himself above her, his elbows bearing the brunt of his weight. She’d never felt so small or in lack of control but an exciting thrill rushed through her veins. She was secure, protected and she turned her body over to him completely, trusting he’d treat her gently regardless of his size and strength.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. “Ivy, I’ve changed my mind,” he said, his breath shaky as it sawed in and out of his broad chest. “I have only one thing to say.”

Oh no. He couldn’t change his mind. He couldn’t. She hadn’t led him this far to let him back down. Her heart plummeted. She laid her hands on the back of his head and stroked his hair, holding him in case she was drawn to beg. “Yes?” she reluctantly asked.

“If you’re going to run, do it now because I won’t give you another opportunity.”

Those words were so final and had the potential to scare her yet they enchanted her to the bone. Maybe she’d misunderstood them but she certainly hadn’t misunderstood his tone. Could she handle it if he got carried away or unexpectedly became rough?

A smidgen of reluctance mixed with excitement wiggled along her spine. The thought alone of bringing him to this point made her tummy spin in pride and no way would she bail now. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He rolled off her, rising to his haunches between her thighs. “That was your only chance.”

His dark gaze displayed hunger as it caressed her body from her brows to her thighs. The same raw hunger she’d witnessed only in the cave lion’s eyes.

“Don’t move,” he commanded as he started to rise.

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