New Release: Vulcan’s Woman by Jennifer LaRose

My dear friend and fellow EC author, Jennifer LaRose has an awesome new release out today. It’s a sexy off-plant story that you’re not going to want to miss. So, here’s Jennifer to tell you about it.

Hi Everyone!

Dena, thank you so much for sharing your blog with me today to announce my upcoming release, Vulcan’s Woman, the first book in my Barbarian Lust series. Who thought writing sci-fi could be so much fun!

I never imagined my editor would accept this series, because (in my little mind) I thought the idea was off the wall. So now, I’m super excited about it!

The second book, Bronto’s Revenge, is nearly completed and will hopefully follow soon.  #3, Zypher’s Captive, is the scheduled final, but I’ve left the series room to grow. All three stories take place on planet Helixis, which is swarming with aliens, dinosaurs, and hunky men in loincloths.

Again, thank you, Dena!

Vulcan's_Woman_notagsWisteria’s clan demands she mate with a brutish hunter to carry on a strong bloodline. Instead she discovers the sexy, forbidden Vulcan. When she’s seen kissing the foreign tribesman she’s beaten and ostracized, before being taken prisoner by the bloodthirsty Barbarians. While hoping for Vulcan’s return she takes her rescue into her own hands, complicating matters further.

Vulcan is the leader of a US Special Forces unit, which has purportedly been sent to planet Helixis to observe the native species. However, he discovers he’s part of a deceptive government plan. While struggling with his conscience he falls for the independent-minded Wisteria and introduces her to the joys of lovemaking. But when he’s called back to Earth, he must decide where his heart lies.

Inside Scoop: Helixis is overrun by vicious creatures that cause violent, bloody havoc.


A loud splash stole her attention. She tilted her head slightly and smiled, expecting to see Loo-La weaving in and out of the water, but she saw nothing other than ripples circling the surface. Many aquatic animals lived in the lake. They’d possibly bobbed for air.

While she continued digging up stones she heard another splash. It was much closer in the shallows. She looked up. A tall, muscular man emerged from the knee-deep section. She gasped and scrambled backward. The water rolling down his massive arms and chest glistened in the sunlight. Streams slithered from the bulge in his dark-brown fur loincloth to the contours of his thighs. As he stepped forward one long stride at a time, his muscular legs flexed. A few droplets trickled into the lake and Wisteria heard every subtle kerplunk.

When their eyes met she froze. His were dark. So dark they appeared black, the same shade as his long, unbound hair.

In that instant she knew he belonged to an unfamiliar tribe. The Mountain Slayers wore gray furs and their bushy hair was lighter in color. The Flesh Eaters donned skin pelts and bound their hair with vines strung with human teeth. Neither clan wandered near the yellow lake in fear of the two-headed snake. Only one other tribe remained. A tribe who emerged at night and were so feared for their coldhearted brutality, no one spoke of them. Those who tore humans apart with their bare hands and skinned their bodies or burned them alive. Those who killed for the sake of killing. A tribe so sadistic, not even the Flesh Eaters would invade their territory.

The Barbarians.

But this man looked too civil and regardless of his normal appearance she gulped in fear as he waded closer.

She backed up toward the tree as the sound of her breath accelerated in her ears. The flesh of her feet pushed against the sand and stones as her gaze wandered urgently in search of anything she could use as a weapon. Why hadn’t she listened to her mother and brought the spear?

“Don’t fear me. I’ll not harm you,” he said, his gaze rolling upward from her toes to her face.

The calm in his deep voice contrasted with his mammoth size and the power of his stride. “What are you doing here?” she asked, her arms trembling as she pulled her weight up the slight incline. Not that it was her lake but she wasn’t used to encountering anyone when fleeing to this haven.

“It’s unsafe for a woman to wander alone.”

“I’m―” She stole a quick peek at their surroundings. If she spoke the truth would he take her into captivity? “Not alone,” she lied.

He halted a foot away, towering above her, and ran his gaze lazily across the bottom of her feet, her legs and then the remainder of her body. His shadow consumed her, blocking the warm sunshine, and she suddenly felt no bigger than a grain of sand.

“No?” He raised one brow as if detecting her lie.

She continued skittering up the bank until her back hit the tree trunk. “N-n-no. My clan is right, um,” she pointed to the path leading into the forest, “in there awaiting my return.”

“Are they now?” he asked, rubbing the shadow covering his hairless chin and cheeks.

Another indication he belonged to a tribe unknown to her. No other men in the land removed hair from their faces and chests. “Sorry, but I must go.”

“What’s your name?”

She wasn’t going to answer but she had a feeling if he really wanted the truth he’d succeed in forcing it from her. “Wisteria.”

He smiled and something warm stirred in her tummy.

Shocked by the unfamiliar sensation, she stood, brushing dirt off her backside. Unlike the elderly women in her clan who wore long hides from their shoulders to their knees, her garment consisted of two fur pieces ― an upper section and a lower. But with the man’s eyes now roaming her bare tummy, unease crawled along her spine.

“I saw you digging up rocks. Do you collect them?”

“I…um…” She wrapped her arms across her exposed waist. “They’re stones.” She glanced at the pile she left near the water’s edge. “I use them to make jewelry.”

“Jewelry,” he repeated, rubbing his chin a second time.

“Excuse me, but I must get back to my clan.”

“My name is Vulcan.”

“Vulcan, I must get back.”

“What clan are you from?”

She clenched her hands into fists at her waistline. Not that she was strong enough to defend herself against this huge man if she had to. “The gentlest of clans. The Peace Seekers.”

How could she leave without walking past him to the water’s stepping stones? The distance between their bodies was already too short ― no farther than an arm’s length. Also the forest behind them was too thick to breach if she ran in that direction. She wouldn’t make it through the thorny bushes and heavy tree limbs without shredding her skin, which had already taken a beating when she’d run in fear from the predator in the sky.

Inhaling deeply, she stiffened, lowered her gaze toward the ground and started taking cautious steps to the lake. Short, cautious steps that soon turned into a limp because the bottom of her foot throbbed and burned. She almost made it to the water’s edge when he placed a hand on her shoulder, halting her getaway.

Her heart lurched and she squeaked. Hoping he hadn’t identified her fright, she browsed the embankment for a big rock.

“You’re bleeding,” he said, his tone firm and unyielding.

She couldn’t find her voice and instinctively looked at her feet.

“Here,” he added, stepping closer, pointing at her leg.

She peeked from the corner of her eye and saw a long scrape on her thigh from the log. She hadn’t realized it’d cut her enough to bleed when she’d fallen.

Time stood still as he squatted beside her and licked the pad of his thumb.

What is he going to do? Reluctantly she took a step forward, preparing to dash across the lake. Just then his thumb brushed along the outside of her thigh and he removed the blood. Her knees buckled. Heat nestled around the leftover saliva on her flesh. The center of her thighs grew tingly and moisture seeped onto the lining of her lower garment. What’s happening?

During her twenty-one seasonal cycles of life she’d never been touched by a man in this manner. Nor had she known such a touch could provoke so much internal warmth. It was as if her insides were bathing in the sun. What an alarming yet exciting sensation. Despite her fear she no longer felt threatened, nor could she mistake the pleasurable feelings fluttering up and down her spine.

Her gaze shot to his and locked. For a tribesman he was gentle-handed and incredibly handsome. High cheekbones and sharp jaw-line defined his features. His hair hung past his upper arms and was straight and smooth, much like hers. Based on the similar maturity he shared with her brother Boar, she guessed he’d lived through at least twenty-seven harvests. She gasped as his intense gaze locked on hers as he agilely stood.

She lifted her chin to follow his narrowed eyes when he straightened to full height. He was so close, within mere inches. His breath caressed her face, chasing away the remainder of her fear.

A thunderous boom echoed in the distance. Another followed. Then another. The trees rustled and the ground shook. Startled, she lost footing and tilted sideways.

She instinctively grabbed his hand to regain her balance as the rumbles vibrated inside her chest. He yanked her close to his body so fast she didn’t notice his arms had wrapped around her until they locked tightly at her waist. With her cheek nuzzled against his bulging pec muscles she felt the vibrations inside his chest as well.

His flesh smelled good. Odd yet calming. Unlike anything she’d ever experienced. The scent was similar to freshly chopped wood but not as potent, along with the aroma of pine-tree needles. She inhaled deeply while weaving her hands behind his back. The muscles around his lower spine strained and flexed as he peered over her head.

Another rumble shook the ground. He tightened his hold and glanced off into the distance. When the vibrations beneath her feet faded he loosened his grip enough to allow her to breathe easier but he didn’t release her from his embrace. It was a possessive gesture she’d witnessed many men in her clan utilize with their mates. “What was that?” she asked, her voice quavering.

“I’m not sure.”

She watched his lips closely as he spoke and for a brief moment she imagined them lowering to hers for a kiss.

The intriguing vision was quickly replaced by a depiction of her future. A future filled with Sledge untying her garments and throwing her to the ground to plant his repulsive seed inside her womb.

She shivered with dread and blinked to banish the vision.

Daddy, how could you do this to me?

Was that why she wished this tribesman would kiss her? To satisfy her curiosity because she may never have another opportunity to kiss a man she was attracted to? Oh how she wanted this. He’d stirred something inside she couldn’t explain. Mingling intimately with someone from a different clan was taboo but she couldn’t dismiss the sensations reeling inside her body.

She held her breath as his face slowly descended toward hers. Her palms sweated and her belly spun. If any of her clansmen witnessed this she would receive punishment, perhaps get pummeled with stones. It was as if her feet were frozen. She couldn’t back away. Nor did she want to, regardless of the cost. The thought of mating with Sledge every night made it worth the risk. She’d watched her mom and dad share kisses and she always wondered how it would be to taste a man’s lips. Until now she hadn’t found a man she wanted to experiment with.

A strange craving blossomed in her tummy. Her breath caught and her heartbeat pattered her breast. And just when their lips were about to touch he stepped back, holding her at an arm’s length. “You should return to your clan,” he said, releasing her shoulders.

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