Interview With Nancy Corrigan

Today I’m happy to introduce a brand new author with Ellora’s Cave: Nancy Corrigan.

Nancy’s debut book, Unexpected Find, came out on Nov. 20th and is expected to be the first in the Royal Pride series. To celebrate her release, I asked a few questions to help us get to know her better. In addition, Nancy has prizes! Look for the link to her Rafflecopter at the end for more info.

What drew you to Ellora’s Cave as a new author?

Ellora’s Cave is actually the reason I started writing. I have always loved romance but after I picked up an EC book (Laurann Dohner’s New Species series) I fell in love with erotic romance. Having my first book published with them is a dream come true.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

I used to be a pantser, but I’ve evolved into a plotter. I learned the hard way stories can spiral off in directions I never intended. A loose guide is a must. At the bare minimum, I need a beginning, middle and end. The rest evolves as I write.

I see that you’re married with kids. What does your family think of your writing and how do they support you?

They are very supportive but my kids are quick to tell everyone that you have to be 18 to read my books. They’re ‘grown-up’ love stories. They have kissing in them. LOL.

Do you work with a critique partner or group? Who do you bounce ideas off of?

I have a couple of wonderful critique partners that I work with during the writing process. They’re often the ones I bounce ideas off of but I do have a few author friends who act as my bouncing wall from time to time. Writing is full of ups and downs. It helps to have a base of like-wise people to lean on.

As a mom who works outside of the home, I know how hard it is to find a quiet moment. If you had an entire Saturday (or whatever day you don’t have to work) to yourself, what would you do? (Pretend the house cleaning fairies swooped in Friday night – yeah, I know, just makes you giddy just thinking about it, doesn’t it???)

Oh what a wonderful dream…nothing to do. Sigh. I would curl up on the couch with my family or maybe take our boxer for a walk. We also have some wonderful nature trails near our house that I enjoy biking on. I do try to sneak out when my kids are in school for a quick ride a couple times a month. I love to go with my family but the kids can’t keep up for the long rides. Sometimes, you just need to push yourself to exhaustion.

You’re a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab – can we expect to see an “Incredible Hulk” or “The Fly” kind of story from you in the future?

Hmmm…maybe. Medical research does play a role in my shifter books. Unfortunately for my feline shifters, it’s not a positive development, but it will end in some wonderful love stories. I delve into shifter experimentation in Royal Pride’s book 2, Beautiful Mistake.

Who is your favorite author?

Laurann Dohner. She inspired me to write.

But I also love Christine Feehan. Her Dark series is an amazing collection of HEAs.

Tell us a little about Unexpected Find (include a blurb if you’d like):

Unexpected Find is my debut, book 1 of the Royal Pride series. This book will always hold a special place in my heart as Jasmine and Rafe were the first characters to demand their story be told. Without their insistence, I never would’ve opened my laptop to write.

Here’s a blurb…

Since the murder of her best friend, Jazz is stuck in a safe but lonely way of life. She’s willing to sacrifice everything to keep herself and her family safe from the shifter world. The sexy stranger who struts into her friend’s bar changes all that. From the first glance Jazz knows she’s sunk—their chemistry sizzles from across the room, it’ll be undeniable up close.

Jazz is the most beautiful female Rafe has ever seen and he wants her from the second he sets eyes on her. The depth of the need that swamps him every time he’s near her surprises him. It takes every last ounce of his self control not to pounce on Jazz and make her his. Only her distrust of his shifter nature holds him back. He counts it as a win every time his beloved human gives in to their passion and takes him to her bed. But Rafe’s patience isn’t infinite and he’ll do whatever it takes, face any danger—past or present—to ensure that Jazz becomes his. Forever.


Tell us about the Royal Pride series:

As multi-feline shifters, Royals—the privileged descendants of the gods—live with the wants and demands of the animal spirits sharing their bodies. Everything is more intense for a Royal—their primal drives, possessiveness and lusts. Exotically beautiful and strong, these immortals never lack companionship but once their mating instincts are triggered, nothing sways their devotion or dims their desire.

Their dominant nature demands they claim their female’s body and soul, ensuring their chosen one knows exactly to whom they belong. Once marked as a Royal’s beloved, their women realize how wickedly satisfying life can be with a mate focused on meeting their every need.

Where can we buy a copy of Unexpected Find?

Will also be available from Amazon, B&N, and other e-retailers. I’ll be posting buy links on my website as soon as I get them.

And now… last but not least…

Nancy is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of Unexpected Find. Click here to enter her contest:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for dropping by, Nancy!