A new EIF is out: Tell Me Your Secrets

The sixth book in the Emerald Isle Fantasies series, Tell Me Your Secrets by Virginia Cavanaugh, is finally out!  *throws confetti*
Come, my darlings, let us return to Ireland. To Castle Tullamore. Where erotic enchantment lurks around every corner.
But this time… the wolves are scratching at the door…

Jesenia North chases her writing muse all the way to Ireland. Surely Castle Tullamore will provide some inspiration for a new book. What she doesn’t expect is to become the hunted, not only by a rabid wolf, but also by a very sexy Dorian Kavanaugh.

Dorian will stop at nothing to keep his race a secret, but when the high-spirited Jesenia is chased by his rabid packmate, Dorian must find a way to redirect her attention. And he isn’t beyond using hot sex to do it.

Now he must hunt down Grady and kill him along with the mutated strain of rabies before people find out that there are shifters in the area. But touching Jesenia has a price, one he may very well pay for with his heart.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

You can find Virginia at:

Facebook – http://facebook.com/virginia.cavanaugh.56

Twitter – @VirginiaCav