June & Free Books

What happened to Spring???!

I don’t know about where you live, here in the mid-west, we didn’t have a spring. It went from cold to hot with no warning. I think we had a few days of nice temps – you know, mid to upper 70’s. Then BLAM! 97 degrees. Summer’s here.

Seesh. The pool and lake water hasn’t even had a chance to warm up from all of the rain we received.

Enough of my fussing. Here’s the latest and greatest free book downloads from Ellora’s Cave for this month. You’re bound to find a new author or two!

June 3 – June 16 Stone and Earth: Heroes of Stone by Cindy Spencer Pape

June 3 – June 16 Fangs for the Memories: Hollywood After Dark by Cricket Starr

June 10 – June 23 Vampire’s Witch: Protective Affairs by Rebecca Airies

June 10 – June 23 Damon: Dragon’s Law by Alicia Sparks

June 17 – June 30 Managing Macy: Tall, Dark and Dominant by Reese Gabriel

June 17 – June 30 Enforcer: Cascadia Wolves by Lauren Dane

June 24 – July 7 Releasing Kate: Power and Pain by Cyna Kade

June 24 – July 7 Crimson: Red Panty Diaries by Tielle St. Clare