EIF Series: Phantom Mischief Released Today

A dear friend of mine, Jennifer LaRose, has a new book release today. It’s even more exciting because Phantom Mischief is the first to come out in the new Ellora’s Cave series called Emerald Isle Fantasies.

Here’s a quick blurb about Phantom Mischief:

Shanna is thrilled when her fiancé sweeps her off to Ireland for a romantic interlude and asks her to marry him at Castle Tullamore. But their sexual adventure quickly turns into a nightmare when he reveals his dark side. With the engagement broken and her fiancé gone, she crumbles into the arms of Tullamore’s handsome gardener, Niall. He proves how hot, sensual and mind-blowing sex can be. It’s unsettling, though, how he manages to distance himself after making love. In fact, he downright disappears!

Niall mourns the death of his beloved Abigail until he sees Shanna. He falls in love with the gorgeous American but fears his heart will surely be broken again. They can’t stay together, not in the manner Shanna needs. But when a determined, dark apparition begins stalking her, Niall realizes it may be the key to their destiny.


Make sure you grab a copy and keep an eye out for the hero and heroine from my upcoming book, Ghostly Persuasion, as they make a guest appearance in Jennifer’s book. Her characters will show up in mine as well. It was fun coordinating our stories as we were writing!

To make it easy for you, here’s the link to Ellora’s Cave: Phantom Mischief