May freebies

Wow – it’s May already. That means school will be out soon. *making the Mr. Bill face*

You know, there was a time with school being out meant something really cool and generated a lot of excitement. Now that I’m on the other side of the fence and have kids of my own, it has a whole different meaning. One that makes me tired just thinking about it.

So, what you really came for was the list of books Ellora’s Cave is offering free THIS month? Right? Well wait no longer:

April 22 – May 05: Magic of Three: Destinies Entwined by Jenna Castille
April 22 – May 05: Text Me: Come Together by KJ Reed
April 29 – May 12: Business and Pleasure: Lavender Lace by Lynn LaFleur
April 29 – May 12: Reveal Me: Unveiled by Cari Quinn
May 6 – May 19: Binding Krista: Fallon Mates by Jory Strong
May 6 – May 19: Spin Devil: Devilish Games by Red Garnier
May 13 – May 26: Embraced by a Warrior: Warrior Hunger by Marisa Chenery
May 13 – May 26: Codename Autumn: Undercover Embassy by Aubrey Ross
May 20 – June 2: Devil in Texas: Rugged and Risque by Calista Fox
May 20 – June 2: Right Moves: Playing With the Boys by Ava McKnight
May 27 – June 9: Tales From the Temple I: Ellora’s Cavemen by Lani Aames; Doreen DeSalvo; Kate Douglas; Sahara Kelly; Lora Leigh; Ravyn Wilde
May 27 – June 9: Running Mate: Devlin Dynasty by Jaci Burton