Gettin’ Naughty

For less than the price of a pack of gum, you can escape with a couple of naughty characters. My Naughty Nooner’s (what Ellora’s Cave calls their short, short stories) are finally available and I’m thrilled to share them with you!

Cherie’s Silk sprang to life while I was writing a completely unrelated story. Cherie simply took over. A chapter and a half later, I realized I was writing about something that had nothing to do with my original story. Then I had to figure out who Cherie and Mason really were.

I hope you enjoy what I discovered!


Cherie’s favorite work adversary, Mason, stumbles across her in the midst of a humiliating “wardrobe malfunction”. She has to choose between possible public embarrassment and exposing her secret undergarment obsession to Mason. An obsession that could taint Cherie’s prim and proper office persona.

Thankfully Mason is willing to lend a hand in more ways than one. He’s lusted after Cherie as much as she’s wanted him, and getting his hands on her frilly silk leads to a hot, sexy hallway encounter.

Available from Ellora’s Cave: Cherie’s Silk

*  *  *

My second Naughty Nooner is Working It All Out.

Every time I look at this cover I get giddy. I’d like to think that my main character, Angie, would approve as well.

She didn’t go looking for a younger man, but she certainly found one. A hot and sweaty one.


When Angie needs a trainer to prepare for a corporate fundraiser, Noel comes highly recommended. No one told her he’s sexy as hell too. Unfortunately, he’s way too young. He couldn’t possibly share the same clothes-ripping, fucking-on-the-gym-floor fantasies that inundate her every time she looks his way. Or so she thinks.

Noel has other ideas. When they get the gym to themselves for an intense one-on-one, he gives her the workout she’s been waiting for.

Available from Ellora’s Cave: Working It All Out