Romanticon 2012 – Day Two

Wow… day two… hmmm…

So, we started the day off with a healthy breakfast. Buffet style. Hooked up some of the girls – Jen LaRose, Kathleen Lash and Laurann Dohner (and Mr. Laurann too). What a hoot! Invaded the goodie room again so everyone could check to see if they needed to restock anything. Had a chance to talk to a few authors about swag ideas and were caught by a few readers for autographs.

Okay, for those of you who haven’t experienced it yet – getting asked for your autograph is a trip. I’ve gotten used to asking people for theirs, but not the other way around. I still have a major “who me??!” feeling.

So, anyway…. off to Poi Dancing lessons. We learned how to dance with hoola-hoops (I did get up there and try it), then a couple of the guys from the Ohio Burn Unit showed us how to do Poi and juggling. I stayed out of range of the swinging and/or flying balls. Virginia gave it a whirl – she may regret the pics I snapped of that later. Bwaaahaaa!

Afterwards was supposed to be lunch but we opted to get the jump on the line to have a photo shoot with the Cavemen. Whoa. Imagine being surrounded by several (one of the girls had 5!!) very fine male bodies – and I mean up close and personal. PHEW! It was, well, er… warm. Yes. Warm is a safe description.

As soon as we were all thoroughly embarrassed, Virginia and Sasha Devlin and I stumbled down the hall to grab some lunch.

Next on the agenda: BDSM. Or, at least a workshop on it. Joey Hill, Kathy Kulig, Desiree Hold and Ann Mayburn gave a great talk on writing BDSM – how to research it and some of the psychology behind the lifestyle. Quite insightful. And there was some great feedback from the audience.

Finally – the “Last Dance of your Life” party. Some came in costume (still not sure what the flamingo people were supposed to be…) some of us pulled out the party dresses and sparkly shoes and others just came in jeans and tee-shirts. It was quite a mix. Jaid Black spoke to the group for a bit. The Cavemen put on a super sexy show then started a conga line. Dinner was good and when I left the drinks were flowing and dancing was in full swing.

Now… to get some writing done…