Romanticon 2012 – Day Three


Day three was another wiz-bang of a day. Have I mentioned what a great time I’ve been having???

Let’s see… we started with breakfast with the girls. Always a lovely start to catch up with anything I might have missed the night before (apparently quite a bit!). First on the “formal” agenda was Zumba with Caveman Nick. Just so you know… I’ve tried Zumba before – not successfully – so I decided today needed just need to be as a spectator. I will pat myself on the back and say “good choice!” because YUMM. Nick AND Ace both led the group in a sweaty workout. I’ve already said YUMM, right? Yeah…

Next was lap dancing lessons. THIS was definitely a class I wanted to participate in – I mean, really, who can’t use with learning to lap dance??  The young lady from Cleveland Exotic Dance who lead the class was awesome – and funny. No stripping required, thank-you-very-much. We learned how to make use of a glove – which we DID remove, in more than one way (who knew!) – and the proper way to remove stockings (yes, there is a better way and it doesn’t require finger tips!). We got our hips loose and our backs stretched. Lots of fun!! And to top it all off, one of the Cavemen got a dance from one of the participants anxious to try her new skills, then he returned the favor and gave her an advanced class! Phew!!

After lunch we had more workshops. Unfortunately I missed the follow-up BDSM class, but I did make the “Twitter For Everyone” with Cassandra Carr and the “What Puts a Book on your Keeper Shelf” with Joey Hill and Ann Jacobs. Good stuff! AND Virginia and I were finally able to find fellow author, Angela Claire – one of the other girls in our cluster of authors (same EC editor).

I had just enough time to grab a quick power nap (good thing I did!) before the evening gala. The theme was Survivors vs. Walking Dead Party which means there were some pretty creative costumes. I need to work in a BIG thank you to Laurann Dohner here – bless her heart for including me and Jen and Virginia and Kathleen at her reserved table – UPFRONT where we could see everything. Laurann: You’re the best!!

The Cavemen entertained the crowd with another performance. We had half-naked military personnel and the walking dead. Bet you didn’t know the walking dead could be sexy too, did ya? Especially when they drop their sexy butts right in your lap – yes, I CAN speak from experience. Purrrrrr.

After dinner they handed out awards – I’m thrilled to get my debut author award!!! It’s so pretty!! They also announced the new Alpha Caveman: Nick. Very cool, er, hot, er… yeah. Hmmm….

Didn’t take long for the dance floor to get crowded and it pretty much stayed that way till they closed down the ballroom. What hoot!

I’ve been asked several times if I’m going to come back next year… uh, yeah!!! And miss all this??