Romanticon 2012 – Day One

I’m thrilled to be able to attend Romanticon this year so I thought I’d share all the fun we’re having this weekend.

Today was mostly a travel day. Had a long layover in Detroit, but that’s okay because I was able to get most of the way through a really good book, Robin D. Owen’s Enchanted No More. I haven’t picked up one of Robin’s books for a couple of years and now I wonder what took me so long. I’m really enjoying Enchanted.

My flight arrived early enough that I was able to check in to the hotel, check in with the convention then share lunch with fellow EC author Virginia Cavanaugh. Poor Virginia spent all day on the road and it was her release day for her new book, Just For Tonight. Make her feel better and go check out the Q&A she did on Leta Blake’s site:

After lunch, I headed to the goodie room to check out what kind of swag everyone else had brought. I left some of my Down to Business bookmarks and grabbed a few of the offerings.  There were pens, magnets, bookmarks, chocolate and even rubber ducks – couldn’t pass up the ducks. Between my goodies, the trinkets I bought at the Romanticon souvenir shop (mini fuzzy handcuff key rings!) and the stuff I got when I checked in for the convention (a fabulous bag, Caveman calendar and even a bottle of wine), my suitcase is gonna be full going home.

Managed to sneak in a nap before the Meet & Greet. Good thing I did – there were at least seven of the Cavemen (EC’s cover models) at the party mixing with both authors and readers. They were a hoot as they danced and “supported” the brave karaoke volunteers. Definitely easy to watch.

Can’t wait to see what we have tomorrow!