Romanticon 2012 – Day Four

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but Day Four of Romanticon certainly wasn’t.

The morning started off nice and easy – breakfast with the girls. I met a couple of new people and shared stories of family and the writer’s life. Then headed up to my room to get my things together and figure out what I was going to wear (I changed my mind no less than five times!).

Unfortunately, I had just enough time between breakfast and the Book Signing to get a serious case of nerves. My tummy was NOT happy about the thought of having to go downstairs. Thankfully my heart and head were raring to go and they told my tummy to shut up.

The Book Signing was in the ball room – we had at least seven rows of authors with probably 10 or 12 authors per row. PHEW! It was nice to know that I was not alone in this deal. For four hours we had a had good stream of people through there. Everyone was very nice. I gave out book marks to everyone that walked by (I learned from the best – Peggy Fielding and Jackie King taught me well!) and chatted with everyone that stopped. It is such a thrill to sell a book! They had print copies of Wedded Bliss and cover sheets for the e-book version of Down to Business.

I have to say, Ellora’s Cave had that deal together. It was well planned and seemless to me, as an author. I hope the guys behind the scenes know their hard work was well spent and very appreciated!

Afterwards, a group of us girls headed to the restaurant for food. We were ALL starving by then. Unfortunately, we were ALL pretty much wiped out too. I managed to sneak in a five or ten minute power nap and got a little packing done.

The evening event was PJ’s, Pizza & Bingo. What a hoot! Rodney, one of the Cavemen was the number caller. Needless to say, O-69 was his favorite number and he got quite a response from the audience each time it was called. The other Cavemen, wearing their jammies too (who knew that Elmo or Red Fish-Blue Fish could be that sexy?!?) (but they must have dressed too warm because they kept taking off their shirts – I know! How unfortunate, right??), delivered prizes to the winners. Often with a bit of a display. Hee hee! We were lucky enough to have at least three winners at our table.

So… yeah. What a blast! I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

I have to say though – yeah, the Cavemen were sexy, and the workshops were fun, but I really enjoyed meeting and being with all the girls I met. And I met a BUNCH of really great people. It was awesome! If nothing else brings me back to Romanticon, THAT will.

P.S. I gotta do two call-outs here before I get off the subject: Dawn – it was so wonderful meeting you and your sister!! It was fun learning to lap dance with you!  And Tina, my new Bahamas friend, you and your niece are party animals. I hope you two enjoyed yourselves! I will let you know when the ghost story is done. LOL