Long time no blog

It has been a busy couple of months and waaaaay to long since I stopped by.

Believe it or not, I have been reading and I have definitely been writing. I’ve turned in another novella to my editor (YAY! Keep your fingers crossed that she likes it!) and I’m almost finished with another. I’m also trying to work on a new Irish paranormal romance that we got approval on to do a series.

Exciting stuff! But all of that combined with the start of football season (both of my boys play) and a full-time job means something has to give. Sorry to say, it was my blogging that gave in.

Lets see if I can combine some stuff in one posting:

What I’ve Been Reading – Went back to J.R. Ward’s Brotherhood series. A dear friend of mine gave me her copy of book #1, Dark Lover so I was able to back up and read about Wrath’s story. After reading that, I went on to #4 Lover Revealed, Butch’s story. I really like this series. She created strong, alpha heros – each of whom have a list of issues – but they all come together and protect each other and their kind. The heroines are strong in their own way and complement their heros. Even Melissa, who I thought I was going to have to write off as a wimpy, needs-to-be-killed character, pulled strength from within when she needed to.

Time Untime – I preordered Sherrilyn Kenyon’s newest release and couldn’t wait to dig in when it arrived in the mail. I just love the way she combines myths from different civilizations and manages to keep the threads of her storyline straight. And since I hate waiting for the next book to come out, I kept Guardian on my to-be-read pile until just before Time Untime came out. Glad I did. Both were really, really good.


Ellora’s Cave has a list of books available for free download during the month of September – see the noted time frames for each:

September 3 – September 16: Siren Song, Royal Dynasty series by Roberta Gellis

September 3 – September 16: Marly’s Choice, Men of August series by Lora Leigh

September 10 – September 23: Roped, Heart of the West series by Ann Jacobs

September 10 – September 23: Steele, Sterling Files series by Sherri L. King

September 17 – September 30: Sex Traders, Sex Slaves series by Lorie O’Clare

September 17 – September 30: Dragon’s Kiss, Shadow of the Dragon series by Tielle St. Clare

September 24 – October 7: Born of the Shadows, Rebel Angels series by Cyndi Friberg

September 24 – October 7: Price of Pleasure, Saurellian Federation series by Joanna Wylde