Hannah Saves Me Again

Last weekend I made the trip to NY to visit family. It was a much-needed escape from work and we had a nice visit with family. In addition, I have new nephew and a year-old niece, so it was nice to get in some baby snuggles since my boys are way past that stage.

My youngest son and I took the opportunity to sight-see in Manhattan a couple of times. We did uptown one day and downtown another. I’m glad we went because not only did I get to see  few things I hadn’t previously, but also saw some things I didn’t remember from years ago.

Even though I’ve traveled frequently throughout my life, I am still a nervous flyer. For some reason the idea of being strapped into a seat in a tin can rattles me (image that). In an effort to cope with my irrational nerves, I take things guaranteed to distract me. Number one on the list of effective distractions is any book by Hannah Howell.

On the way up, I read Highland Vampire. It’s another novellas in her vampire line. Like the others, I loved it. Hannah’s descriptions and strong characters always manage to draw me into the story and make me forget where I am for a while. Adrienne Basso and Deborah Raleigh had paranormal novellas in the anthology as well that were good.

On my return flights, I read Hannah’s Reckless. Reckless is not part of her Murray line, which was a little disappointing because I love that family series so much, but it was still an excellent read. Her heroes are always strong and even when they’re pushed to their limits, never break. They always manage to retain their humanity and compassion and can see when they’re wrong. Gotta love that about a man! Her heroines are capable, strong-willed and independent. While they may have to live within the time period’s “rules” they still retain their own opinions and identities.

Hannah, if by some chance of fate you ever read this, I want you know your books have saved my sanity MANY times on a crowded airplane. Oh, and, could you do one of your biggest fans a huge favor and get back to the Wherlocke series sometime really soon??? I’ve got another trip coming up in October.