Seductive Reunion hits the shelves

I’ve invited a friend of mine, and fellow EC author, Virginia Cavanaugh, to drop by and tell us about her new book, Seductive Reunion.

Even the title sounds yummy, doesn’t it??

So… without further ado, let me introduce Virginia:


Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much, Deanna, for allowing me to take over your space today. =)

High school reunions? Hate them? Love them? Dread them? I bet there are a variety of different answers. I personally would have liked to go to mine, but life got in the way.

So, I settled for coming up with a hot and steamy tale of love and lust meeting ten years later. I hope you enjoy.


It should have been a simple evening. Go to the high school reunion. Have a couple of drinks. Share a few laughs. Easy peasy. Until Special Agent John Clayton walks in and turns Andi Morgan’s life upside down.

He makes her want things…deliciously wicked things. But Andi’s past complicates matters. Her ex-husband, and local Senator’s son, Steve Hidel, is in deep shit with the Havenk brothers, a shady pair of gunrunners and they all want something only Andi can give them. Will Andi be able to trust the safety she finds in John’s arms, or could he possibly have ulterior motives of his own?

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Virginia Cavanaugh