It’s been a rocking week

For whatever reason, all the good concerts seem to get scheduled close together around here.

This week was Five Finger Death Punch (yes, I have a mini-metal-head lurking inside me) and Daughtry. Both in the same venue.

At the 5FDP concert I got to witness a serious mosh pit from the safety of the balcony. Wow. Just WOW. At the start of the show, with the warm-up bands, the moshers were jumping around, slamming into each other as you’d expect, but they were doing it with brotherly love. They’d slap each other on the back, help a fallen comrade up off the ground so he wouldn’t get trampled and there were even a few manly one-armed hugs after each song.

Two hours later however, when 5FDP got on stage, that was all gone. The crowd was bigger, sweatier, more aggressive, and I’m certain, more than a little drunk. But there was one ignorant female who insisted on being in the mix. Personally, I hope she got both boobs elbowed and all of her toes stomped on JUST for being stupid.

Part of me is curious to know if she had some man-hate thing going on and wanted to push random men around. Or was she so desperate for physical touch, yet warped enough that she didn’t know how else to get attention, she’d try anything? Absolutely fascinating. Oh, yes, she will appear in a story some day. But no, she won’t be the heroine.

I am rolling an idea or two around about a couple of the beefy security guys and roadies that I had the pleasure of getting an eyeball on. Hmmm…

Oh, yes… sorry… so back to the concerts.

Daughtry was a much tamer event. They put on a really good show despite the fact that the a/c wasn’t working at full capacity. I’m a very cold natured person – I take a jacket with me pretty much everywhere I go – but by the end of the show, I was wishing for a fan and a scrunchy to get my hair off my neck. Can’t imagine what it was like on stage under the lights.

I also have to take a moment to talk about SafetySuit – one of Daughtry’s opening bands. Holy cow. While they sounded good, the lead signer and the guitarist were a little distracting. My niece and I were speculating on whether or not they were on speed. Between the jumping around and all the hand motions, we couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t even capture it on film-the pictures are probably blurry. It amused us though!

Next weekend: ROCKLAHOMA!!