First Dates

I’m pleased to have a friend of mine and fellow Ellora’s Cave author, Olivia Ventura, drop by today.  Let’s all give her a warm welcome, shall we? 

*stands and claps*

Last Saturday, I had a coffee date with a guy I hadn’t met before. Wait, that sounds weird. He works with my aunt, saw a picture of me at a recent family wedding and asked her for an introduction. Flattering, right? And with my very protective aunt vouching for him, I said sure.

I’ve been out of the dating loop for a while, mainly because I’ve been so busy, but also because I haven’t met a guy I was willing to spend a couple of hours doing the “getting to know you” spiel with. Isn’t that sad?

So, I was thinking about that on my way home—the date wasn’t too bad, by the way—and I realized that not only have I not been on any dates lately, but that I tend not to write them into my books. In Catch a Shooting Star, available from Ellora’s Cave Blush, Jess and Nathan get to know each other while she cleans his house. They move from employer/employee to friends, to sexual awareness, to relationship, without ever going on an actual date. Miss Fix-It, available from Solstice Publishing, does have Cole and Veronica dating, but they move past the casual going-out phase into a full relationship within a few days.

My alter-ego, Louisa Masters, has a twenty-five percent date occurrence. In Inter-Office Relations (The Wild Rose Press), Tim thinks about asking Jeannie out, but they’re so busy having sex in the conference room that it never quite happens. One Night in a Bar (due June 25th from Total-E-Bound) sees Karen and Daniel getting it on in the alley behind a bar, and then Daniel sexually blackmailing her. Definitely no dating. Diving in Deep (due this summer from TWRP) does have a date in it, but it’s disguised as a “let us show you the sights” offer from Troy and Jake. Cameron isn’t quite sure if he actually accepted or not. And my current WIP, the sequel to One Night in a Bar, kicks off with a casual pick-up and dives right in from there.

So, clearly I suck at the whole dating thing. What about you? Do you date regularly, or are you a jump right in type? Or better yet, what was your most interesting dating experience?

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