I’ve had the Fever

Have you ever gotten so sucked into a series (tv or book) that it was all you could do to get through your day before you ran home to see/read more???

Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series did it to me. Completely and totally hooked me. Un-believable.

Here’s what’s so unbelievable. I am a VERY loyal KMM fan. I read her entire Highlander series and loved, Loved, LOVED it. Was very sad when there were no more to be found. So when DarkFever came out several years ago, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I snatched it up and read it ASAP. But… sadly…  was totally dissapointed. I wanted hunky highlanders and spirited heroines. But, alas, I was denied.

DarkFever was totally new. Mac was different kind of heroine and I had no clue who the hero was going to be. It wasn’t clear-cut by the end of the book (for me, anyway). I finished it but didn’t look at the series again for over three years.

Then a couple of weeks ago, book #4, DreamFever, landed at my feet. Almost literally. Someone gave me a stack of books and DreamFever was one of them. Thankfully, I had bought #2 and 3, BloodFever and FaeFever, when I had stumbled over them in bookstores, out of loyalty to one of my favorite authors.

I decided to give the series another chance (and clear off a spot on my to-be-read bookcase).


BloodFever made me want to know if Mac ever manages to catch the book (read it, you’ll understand). But FaeFever grabbed me hook, line and sinker. I was engaged in Mac’s development and growth and I was dying to know more about Barrons and V’Lane. By the time I made it to DreamFever I couldn’t put the darn things down! It was insane!! I have never been so addicted to a series ever.

THANKFULLY I had access to the whole series or I think I’d have gone crazy waiting for the next book to be released. (I’m not a very patient person)

As soon as I ripped through DreamFever I had to download ShadowFever because there was no way I was taking the time to go to a bookstore and HOPE they had what I needed. Finished it in a day and a half.




Karen did it again.  Not only is she a fabulous person (I met her at a book signing in Atlanta once – that’s a whole story in itself), but she is an exceptional author and I can only hope to develop a fraction of her gift.

Next…. I understand Dani is going to get her own series…??? Please, please, please?