YA Part II

Since I posted about The Hunger Games, I thought I might ought to follow up with a posting on Catching Fire.

Suzanne Collins certainly knows how to hook an audience, doesn’t she??

In Catching Fire, Katniss and Peetra take their “victory tour” through the districts. Katniss is forced to look closer at the world around her as well as inside of herself. And she isn’t completely happy with what she learns.

I was pleased with Katniss’ growth in Catching Fire and I’m anxious to see how much further she goes in Mockingjay.

But first, I want to read Katie MacAlister’s “Me and My Shadow” (yes, I know, I’m getting behind in the series). After all that angst and political uprising, I feel the need for some snarky, off-the-wall demon and dragon banter. Not to mention the juicy stuff Katie so generously provides her loyal fans!

Check back later to find out what I thought of “Me and My Shadow.”