Delilah’s Strokes

I just finished Delilah Devlin’s newest collection of erotic shorts, Strokes.

Each of the stories are a quick read and have a completely different spin. A couple are contemporary, one is Victorian-era and yet anotherĀ one is classic fairy-tale based.

Overall, I liked most of the stories. A couple didn’t do much for me, but they weren’t a turn off either. So, I figure two out of seven isn’t bad.

I will admit that I read about half of the book while sitting in a waiting room at a car repair place. It took a moment to get comfortable reading those kind of stories in a room with four or five strangers, but Delilah soon pulled me into her stories and the wait time flew by.

If you’re looking for a book with variety and lots of hot sex, I bet you could find something that’ll turn you on in Strokes.