YA isn’t so bad

I’m going to take a slight detour from the romance genre today.

My 12-year-old son begged me to buy him the new YA book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. Now… I don’t know how many of you have pre-teens (or somehow survived that time period), but most don’t want to sit and read. Both of my boys are rough and tumble, active boys. They’re more interested in fishing, football and video games than anything else.

So when he said he really, really wanted that book because he heard it was good and yes, he’d read it, I plopped it right in the shopping cart. He finished it in two days. Tried to stay up late reading it even. Holy cow! How did that happen??!

Needless to say I had to find out what this book was all about.

I don’t make it a point to read YA but I will if someone promises me that it’s worth it. Harry Potter – loved the whole series. Twilight – not so much – didn’t make it past the first book. Maximum Ride – thought it was good, but expected more closure – MAY go on to finish that series sometime.

Hunger Games – Wow! What a ride! I, too, read it in two sittings (and only because I started it so late at night and needed sleep in between). As a mother, the very idea of the Hunger Games terrified me and brought out every defensive instinct I have (actually the idea of someone doing that to kids just pissed me off beyond belief even though I know it’s fiction, but see??? It grabbed me emotionally). As a reader, I was drawn into Katniss’ life and could sympathize with everything she went through in the book.

Suzanne did an excellent job at keeping the violence to a minimum. There was a lot of killing going on because of the game but her focus was never on showing that or the gore. Her focus remained on Katniss’ reactions to the deaths.

On the positive side, we are able to see the possibility of a budding romance. Katniss is only sixteen however. And hopefully, she has a long way to go before she has to worry about a serious relationship. Or maybe that’s just the mother in me coming out – LOL.

The Hunger Games was an excellent read and I am anxious to read Catching Fire.