Regency England and Ms. Laurens

Mega apologies for falling into a black hole for a bit there. Between working on edits for my upcoming book (*squee*), finishing a synopsis for my next story and falling into Regency England and not being inclined to get out again, I just haven’t been able to post here like I said I would.

But no more excuses!!

Stephanie Laurens new book, The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, came out a couple of weeks ago. I was anxiously awaiting it. Truth be told, I rushed off to the store to buy it on the day it came out. It’s book number three in the Cynster Sister Trilogy and I was dying to know what was behind the over-arching story line. Why exactly was the Earl’s mother was a complete and total nut case?? (Don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler – we know she’s crazy from the first book, we just don’t know what it’s about)

As usual, Stephanie delivered a wonderful story with admirable and believable characters and she wrapped up the trilogy with no dangling threads. At least none that I saw anyway. It thrilled me to pieces to once again slip back into the world of the Cynsters. A place that I love so much that as soon as I put down the Earl, I had to pick up the very first Cynster novel, Devil’s Bride, and relive Devil and Honoria’s story yet again (I think I’ve read it about five or six times now).

If you like regency romance with delicious alpha males and equally strong heroines, very few do it as well as Ms. Laurens. Try one and see if you’re not hooked.