360 more days

I was in one of my favorite places last week – surprise, surprise – a book store. Yeah, I know! Makes you all giddy inside just thinking about all that paper and new things to read, doesn’t it.

There was a display celebrating Valentine’s Day. One of the books they had out was “1001 Ways to be Romantic” by Gregory J. P. Godek.

Now… I’m one of those people who believes if I randomly stumble across something more than twice, then perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something. This book popped up on internet searches twice in two weeks and then JUMPED off the table in my direction while I was browsing. Finally, I gave in and skimmed the book before the darn thing bruised my toes.

You might think that a romance author wouldn’t need much help in the warm-fuzzy, lovey-dovey department, but you would be wrong! I think everyone can learn and grow and make improvements. And sure enough, I found few interesting tidbits I never knew in Mr. Godek’s book.

So, naturally, I bought it.

I haven’t read it all the way through yet – I’m being very bad about skipping around every time I see a topic that catches my eye. And he’s written it in a way that you probably wouldn’t want to just sit and read it like a novel. He’s got lists of things you should remember about your lover, things you should NEVER NEVER NEVER do, suggestions for singles and hints for married couples. This book is quite simply written for anyone and everyone who wants a little more romance in their life.

So, the way I figure it. You’ve got, what? 360 more days till Valentine’s Day rolls around again? I bet you could find SOMETHING in that book to help you out next year. Check it out!