Janet’s Alphas

The author of week (well, actually, it’s been a couple of weeks now) is Janet Chapman.

Janet one of those authors that I pick up, get sucked in the world she’s built, read everything she has out, then it’ll be six months or even a  year and I’ll stumble across another of her books I haven’t read and I’ll have to go catch up on all the new books I missed.  Is that some kind of addiction??  I figure it is.

Someone gave me a copy of “Highlander For The Holidays” a couple of weeks ago and it started the cycle again.  Highlander is part of her ongoing Pine Creek series.  Here we have a heroine recovering from a major life trauma and a hunky Highlander who can help her heal if he accepts his own destiny.  I loved that Jessie was making such a herculean effort to accelerate her life, no matter what anyone else tried to tell her.  It was fascinating to see the little details Janet included about Jessie’s service dog, Toby.

If I could figure out how to move to Pine Creek, I would.  Hunky highlanders, ski resorts, pine trees and a touch of magic.  *sigh*  Did I mention I loved Janet’s books??

Next came “The Man Must Marry.”  This appears to be the first of a new series about the three Sinclair brothers.  After reading The Man, Sam’s Sinclair’s story, not only do I want to know what happens with the other two brothers, but I think she needs to back up and write about the grandfather, Abram.  AND!! Much applause for Janet for not making the heroine a skinny bombshell beauty. I simply loved all of Willa’s quirks as well as her strengths.

Since I was sucked into the series, I had to go find “Tempt Me If You Can” – book 2 in the Sinclair brothers.  Loved it too!!  It’s amazing how she can connect her stories and still keep enough of a difference in their lives to keep it interesting and not a carbon copy.  Emma was a good heroine too.  Beautiful, but didn’t seem to know it, and more comfortable in jeans and flannel (my kinda gal!) out in the woods.  Bravo to Ben for knowing when Emma really did know what she was doing.

I’m convinced that Janet had to grow up with a houseful of Alphas in order to be able to write them so well.

I’m jealous.