Free Kindle E-books

Yes!  You heard me correctly.

A couple of writer friends of mine sent out emails letting us know their books were available for free download today and tomorrow only.  It looks like it’s only the Kindle version that’s free though.

Jackie King’s book “Devoted to Cooking” is a collection of heartwarming stories mixed with recipes.  Jackie wrote the book with her daughter who is a professional chef.  I’ll bet you’ll find something yummy in there!

Link to Amazon:  Devoted to Cooking

Gloria Teague’s book “Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge: a Little Girl in the 1950s South” is also available.  I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read it yet since I just downloaded it, but knowing Gloria’s sense of humor I’m sure it’s going to be cute.

Link to Amazon:  Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge

I know neither of these fall in the romance genre, but it can’t hurt to branch out every now and then, right?  Besides, you can’t beat free!