Catching Up

Well… it’s the new year.

Last weekend I made a trip to Dallas for the Armed Forces Bowl. While the game was disappointing (we were rooting for TU) sitting outside in the full sun was WONDERFUL! I got sunburned and didn’t mind a bit.  We stayed at one of the Great Wolf Lodges so the kids could swim and play in the water park.  They had a blast.  Even I braved the water slides a few times.  I’m a little worried since my youngest has decided he wants to move into the hotel.  That would get expensive quickly!

At any rate, the time spent pool side wasn’t wasted.  I got a little writing done and quite a bit of reading.

As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed Mary Janice Davidson’s “Dead Over Heels” – three stories in one book connected to existing series: Betsy, Wyndham Werewolves, and Fred the Mermaid.  I read it in one sitting – didn’t want to put it down.  She always makes me smile.

This week I’m reading Christine Feehan’s “Spirit Bound” from her Sea Haven series (a spin-off of the Drake sister’s series). As usual I love the deep emotional connection she creates between her main characters, but I have to admit that I’m having a little trouble with all of the mushy inner dialog her hero has been having.  The book is still holding my interest – I want to know what happens to ALL of the characters.  Unfortunately, I find myself skimming when ever the hero starts thinking.  *sigh*

I started a new story while I was in Dallas.  I got about two chapters written then lost steam when one of my previously unfinished story lines started calling for attention.  Now I’m torn over which one I want to work on.  Eh – that’ll work itself out before long.  One will eventually dominate – they always do.  I just hope I’m near a computer when it does.